This Is How Police Punishes Lockdown Offenders In India (Videos)


As India began its three-week lockdown on Wednesday, police started punishing people who ventured outdoors.

Police enforced the lockdown by beating people with batons. Moreover, in the cities of Mumbai, Nagpur, and Mau, law enforcement resorted to handing out sit-ups and squats in public as punishment.

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Police in India beats lockdown offenders with batons.

Violence, public punishments…

Baton-wielding police in India have been filmed beating people breaking the coronavirus lockdown rules.

Some othe offenders had to do public physical punishments.

Hopefully, this will not happen in our countries when we will be in total lockdown. The army is already in our streets. I just see police everywhere. People are getting crazy, alone, at home. Some gangs start stealing masks, grocery stores. It doesn’t need much more before chaos and anarchy… More lockdown news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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