Homes Frozen Along Lake Erie Create Eerie Narnia Landscapes in Upstate New York and Canada (Videos and Pictures)


Two days of strong winds along the south shore of Lake Erie saw waves crash over breakwalls and freeze on trees, homes and anything near the shoreline on the US and Canadian side of the Great Lake.

The two days of cold weather also caused ice to form along the shoreline where there had been none just the day or days before.

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Lake Erie frozen homes in New york and Canada. Homes frozen over along Lake Erie in Upstate New York and Canada create eerie landscape akin Narnia. Picture via Youtube video

Numerous homes and structures near the shore of Lake Erie are encased in a thick jacket of ice.

The strong winds and low temperatures have turned these waterfront properties in Hamburg, New York, into a scene akin to Narnia.

This is a serious headache for homeowners, but eerie to watch on pictures.

In some places, there is almost a meter thick of ice. This accumulation is heavy and could lead to structure collapse and other damages.

This ice cover also hinders people getting in and out of their homes.

Here a video from Canada:

Pretty impressive too!

Lake Erie normally freezes faster than the other Great Lakes. However, this year, it is actually less than 10% frozen. The recent powerful winds whipped up the surf and blew it onto shoreline structures, where they rapidly froze, creating an eerie beach landscape in the US and Canada. A similar phenomenon occurred in Geneva, Switzerland in 2018. More extreme weather news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [WFLA]

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