After the Locust Plague ‘Disease X’ Hits Ethiopia as Villagers Die From Bleeding Eye Fever


Have you ever heard of Disease X? No? It’s normal because it doesn’t exist yet.

But scientists believe they have found it in Ethiopia after people start dropping like flies with bleeding eyes.

Disease X, bleeding eye fever, bleeding eye fever ethiopia, Disease X might be bleeding eye fever in Ethiopia
Disease X might be bleeding eye fever in Ethiopia. Image: Getty

After a biblical locust plague, Ethiopia is now facing a still unknown and horrifying deadly illness, informally dubbed bleeding eye fever, that could be the dreaded “Disease X” – although some believe the new China coronavirus is Disease X.

Similar Symptoms as “Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever”

The mysterious disease in Ethiopia has similar symptoms that the “Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever,” leaving people bleeding from their eyes, mouth, and anus.

However the new “bleeding eye fever” has a higher mortality rate and is baffling doctors and infectiologists since a few years.

Epidemic of Disease X Bleeding Eye Fever

Cases were reported in South Sudan and Uganda in 2018, with dozens infected and at least four killed. Now, villagers in Ethiopia are dropping like flies:

  • A 23-year-old victim first experienced his eyes and palms turning yellow, before he began bleeding from his nose and mouth and his body swelled up, before dying from high fever died after collapsing with fever.
  • Many of his neighbours suffered the same symptoms and some died.
  • A two-year-old boy in the town of Haarcad died despite receiving multiple blood transfusions.

What are the causes of the mysterious disease?

The mystery disease has killed more than 2,000 people since 2014 and end of 2019, the WHO warned an outbreak of Disease X was “on the horizon”.

The disease is plaguing villages near a Chinese natural gas project at Calub and elsewhere in the Ogaden Basin.

Some locals fear hazardous chemical waste has poisoned the water supply, which was denied by officials.

Disease X is a concept from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to describe a new unknown pathogen with the potential to cause an epidemic. And this new disease in Ethiopia fits. More infectious news on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [Guardian]

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