Deadly Floods Engulf Aden, Yemen As Country Starts Testing For Corona


Severe flooding caused by heavy rains in Yemen’s Aden killed two.

Heavy rainfall and thus contunued floods are forecast through Thursday as the city begins testing for C19 infections.

Deadly floods hit Yemen in videos and pictures, Deadly floods hit Yemen in videos and pictures march 2020
Deadly floods hit Yemen in videos and pictures. Picture via Adengd

A man and a woman were caught by the floods on Wednesday. They were pulled from the water and transported to hospital, but died before receiving treatment.

Te heavy rains also triggered a widespread power outage in the city after electrical stations stopped operating across the city.

Meanwhile Aden is expected to witness heavier rainfall on Thursday as a strong deep coming from the Arabian Sea is hovering across the region.

Doctors are warning officials to take quick action to remove stagnant water in order to lower the outbreaks of mosquito-linked diseases in the area.

Today, coronavirus tests should be launched across the country. A virus outbreak would overwhelm Yemen’s understaffed and poorly equipped health facilities.

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