Amazon Commission Cuts: Here’s How To Write A Personal Email Directly To Jeff Bezos To Reverse The Commission Rates of the Affiliate Marketing Program

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Amazon affiliate commission cuts. Picture via Foliomag

This new post is about the newly introduced and drastic AMAZON affiliate commission changes that will be introduced on April 21, 2020.

I have good news! Somebody I know is close with a senior executive at Amazon.

After explaining about the commission cut he told her how to reach to Jeff Bezos to explain him our affiliate blogger situation.

The source believes that this unexpected step will be turned around if Jeff Bezos hears about it from the people who will be most affected.

Now read everything she wrote below before writing your email if you want to be heard and taken seriously:

1. Send an email to He has a 6 people who read these emails and they pass them on to him. He normally answers within 48 hours.

2. Make your email thoughtful and explain the problem, its effect on you and your family, and how (as an Amazon partner) devastated and betrayed you feel. Do not threaten, but explain your situation.

3. Remind Jeff how much good Amazon is doing every day during the Covid Crisis and ask why they would choose to hurt blogging families.

4. Let Jeff know you don’t think that this was Amazon’s intent and likely the work of some low level director exercising poor judgement. Express how much you appreciate all Amazon has done for your family.

5. Ask him which headline he prefers:During the Covid Crisis, Amazon cuts commissions by more than 50%, hurting families and small businesses in the name of corporate profit.OR would he prefer, “Amazon increases commissions for 3rd party sellers during these difficult times as a way to thank them for their commitment to the company.

6. You may get a reply email from Jeff Bezos with just a question mark (?) and his eSignature. You have 24 hours to respond. (?) means he is PERSONALLY ASKING YOU FOR MORE INFORMATION about your situation, who you are, what you sell, how much you depend on Amazon, etc.

Jeff Bezos personally would not want to see families hurt during this crisis and if he knew about this he would act to turn it around.

Good luck. Let’s swamp his inbox in a positive way and maybe see this bad decision turned around.

Again the source doesn’t think this came from the top, but from someone who’s hoping to get a promotion because he showed a bottom line profit. Don’t let someone with such poor judgement destroy our businesses when the founder of the company would want it done another way.

Try it! Just write and send this small email. And share it to other bloggers and computer freaks you know around. Let’s tsunamize Jeff Bezos email ( to reverse these affiliate cuts. The more emails he gets and the more weight and importance we will have. Let’s become a ‘Blogger community.’

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  1. Hi there!

    I love this. I think that in situations like this, change only occurs when the masses speak out. However, I also recognize the reality of this situation, and that is that Amazon has grown large enough now to where they’re able to muscle their partners around a bit. Amazon Associates in the past have had their accounts banned over much less, and I wonder if that will be the case here for anyone who speaks out. Amazon now has the brand recognition on a global scale, and it’s entirely possible that in light of this fact, Jeff can forgo having a social conscience. That being said, I think if enough people get on board with this, there is a chance that change could be made. I fully support this. I will be sending an email to Jeff Bezos, and I urge all other bloggers affected by these insane commission cuts to do the same.

    Thanks for posting!

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