Newport Beach Plankton Isn’t on Lockdown Right Now!

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Bioluminescence filmed in Newport Beach. Picture via Facebook video by Patrick Coyne

Discover some amazing videos of plankton bioluminescence captured along the coast and off Newport Beach’s shoreline on April 17, 2020.

Yes, just enjoy the show:

This first bioluminescent video was filmed in Newport Beach at around midnight! Instagram: @Patrickc_la

This amazing phenomenon doesn’t happen often in the waters off the Californian coast. But when it does, it’s so awesome to jumpe in it:

I made the same experience in Chacahua, Mexico. You have two skies… One above your head and one in the water. It is awesome!

Meanwhile, geoengineering and transgenic coral should save the Great Barrier reef in Australia. [OC Register]

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  2. As a youth, I stayed with my great Aunt. She had a Balboa beach house. Back around 1968, I remember catching my first kelp bass during a bioluminescent phenomenon. You could see the fish in the water. When reeling in the snapperhead, I was fascinated by the experience. I could see it underwater. I used a wad of bacon for bait.

    It’s really awesome to see this firsthand.

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