That’s Some Serious Rock ‘n Roll, Right There (Raw Video)


Gun battle between rival cartels leaves 19 dead during a bloody weekend in Mexico in which 300 were murdered.

State prosecutors of the northern Mexican border state of Chihuahua said 20 members of the Gente Nueva del Jaguar, a gang linked to Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s old Sinaloa Cartel, were ambushed by 40 members of the Juarez Cartel’s La Línea gang on Friday night.

Gang battle Sinaloa Mexico raw video
Gang battle Sinaloa Mexico raw video

The incident took place at approximately 7pm when the Sinaloa Cartel’s hit squad was traveling from Chuhuichupa, a town in the municipality of Madera, to La Norteña, another city located in Madera, when its convoy of vehicles were met with fire from La Línea.

Unless that video was just a segment, the 20 man cartel got their hats (heads?) handed to them pretty darn quickly. The shooting was over in seconds, LOTS of shooting, and then, NO shooting in return. Sounds like an ambush/execution, more than a battle. [Citizen Free Press]

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