This Is Working From Home


This guy went out for a quick jog during the pandemic on “recycling day.”

And this is how people are “working from home.” LOL!

Have a good Easter and let see how the bottle bins will look like next week. I bet there will be more! But maybe that’s the best Corona medicine too!

Working from home is now drinking at home in the U.S.
Working from home is now drinking at home in the U.S.

Yes, it’s all about alcohol! And now you know what stocks to invest in during the covid stock market downturn 🙂

Interesting to note that Pennsylvania shut the liquor stores forcing people to drive to Maryland. Virginia restricted the hours for the liquor stores. Chicago and D.C. – same.

WTF do you expect them to do when their lives are crashing down because of government overreach? Wait for the suicide epidemic to begin.

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