Signs of Next Big Earthquakes? Oarfish Discovered in Mexico and Washington State and Quake Cloud Over Taiwan


With the recent uptick in strong quakes over the last few days, it’s normal to ask ourselves when and where the next big one is going to happen.

And some natural signs may give us some hints: two oarfish were found dead in Mexico and Washington State and a powerful iridescent cloud was observed over Taiwan.

earthquake sing, signs of earthquake, oarfish, earthquake cloud
Earthquake cloud appears in the sky over NE Taiwan. Picture: Facebook

There is no proven way to predict an earthquake. But nature warns sometimes when a big earthquake is coming. There are some signs in the sky and underwater. We just have to pay attention to them when they happen around the world.

A featured by many recent sky phenomena, our atmosphere is full of electricity. For example, a red sprite burst was photographed over a thunderstorm in eastern Europe on June 23rd:

Moreover Washington and Oregon recorded hundred of thousands of lightnings overnight beginning of the month:

Analysing the data of the latest 3 days of violent seismic unrest with a M5.9 earthquake in Turkey (making at least 20 injuries) yesterday, a M6.6 off Japan and M6.2 off Northern Mariana Islands, we may expect more aftershocks in those regions.

Beginning of this month, South America was violently hit by two earthquakes in Chile (M6.8) and Peru (M6.1). Indonesia was also hit by a M6.4 a day after.

New signs in the sky and underwater

A rare oarfish was discovered on June 7 in Puget Sound, Washington State, USA.

As already written yesterday, this region is overdue for the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami:

The fish measured 53 inches and is only the fifth that has been recorded as washing up on the shore between British Columbia and Washington.

oarfish washington june 2020
Rare oarfish discovered by paddlers in Puget Sound, Washington in June 2020. South Sound Mag

The species does eat close to shore. That’s where a lot of their food is, like krill, shrimp, and small squid. They’re solitary and few and far between. It’s just chance if you come across one.

This week again, another oarfish was captured off Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The fish measured 6 meters long.

oarfish mexico, oarfish mexico june 2020, oarfish mexico photo
Oarfish discovered in Mexico in June 2020. Picture via Infobay. InfoBae

Because of its bizarre, elongated appearance, it has been associated with sea serpents in some cultures. Japanese legend has it that their appearance is a harbinger of earthquakes and tsunamis, postulating that the oarfish is a messenger sent from the palace of the sea god regarding impending disaster.

The oarfish typically lives at depths of 200 to 1,000 meters and scientists think that it is actually storms or strong currents, rather than an impending seismic disaster, that can push injured fish into shallow waters where they often die.

Meanwhile in Taiwan, an amazing rainbow cloud was observed over Yilan County on June 14th.

Some netizens connected the optical phenomenon with the earthquake that rocked northeastern Taiwan early Sunday morning. However, the director of the Central Weather Bureau in Hsinchu, Tang Shuen-Ran (湯舜然), said the forming of fire rainbows have nothing to do with earthquakes. Of course!

That said, I would watch for me, my family and friends if I was living in those regions. Here a summary of some areas around the world that may be seismically very active in the next few days:

Meanwhile, watch this informative and spectacular documentary ever done on Cascadia here (click on the image below).

Be ready and stay safe! More earthquake news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [South Sound Mag, InfoBae, Taiwan News]

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  1. I felt a tremor yesterday sitting in my car in South Oregon. Super fast it shot up my spine and disappeared as fast. I looked around kinda confused as I initially thought the dog in the backseat was scratching but that didn’t make sense unless it was a BIG dog.

  2. There was also quake in Brandon Oregon 5.4 and 5,7 Khorough Tadjikistan and count down to July 4 2020 . More quakes are headed in the ring of fires and look at global weather as well.
    Any where is hot spot over 100 F or 26 C is also in danger of quakes.
    We also wish people educate do not talk to police. Police is not
    uncle . In case of new guy shot he was shut down, he talked to police like he is his uncle? Please see video educate yourself globally. Do Not Talk to Police before the video is taken off?

  3. I now believe electro-magnetic fields are altered or created before big earthquakes and why animals can sense one before we do and is also creating these colorful clouds.

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