Just How Anomalous Was the Weather in Washington This Weekend? Almost 87,000 Lightnings Struck Washington State on Saturday – It’s Nearly 2/3 the Annual Average!


A barrage of lightning strikes numbering in the tens of thousands pummeled Washington state as multiple waves of thunderstorms moved through on Saturday.

Statewide, there were 86,714 lightning strikes detected by the National Lightning Detection Network. That’s about 62% of the state’s annual lightning average and more than the entire lightning the state received in 2006 (82,710).

Just how anomalous was the weather in Washington and Oregon on May 30, anomalous lightning weather washington oregon
Just how anomalous was the weather in Washington and Oregon on May 30, 2020? Picture via Twitter

The first wave of lightning storms went through in the morning, bringing an early wake up call to those trying to sleep in.

In Western Washington, thunderstorms rolled up the I-5 corridor, triggering some rare Severe Thunderstorm Warnings with two lightning strikes exploding trees in Kirkland and Woodinville.

I could tell it was close because the whole house shook and I could hear what sounded like a crack,” one neighbor said. “Then a piece of wood came flying into our yard!

A tree in Woodinville didn’t fare any better:

In Western Washington, sensors with the National Lightning Detection Network calculated 15,755 lightning strikes – 4,119 that struck the ground (the rest were within the clouds).

87000 lightnings washington, heavy lightning storms washigton, lightnings washington state
More than 16,000 lightning strikes hit in Western Washington on May 30, 2020. Picture by Chris Vagasky / Vaisala

A second line of severe thunderstorms then moved into Central and Eastern Washington Saturday evening, bringing wind gusts of 60-70 mph and large hail.

And of course, amid all the chaos, a whole lot of lightning.

Trees were reported down in Prosser, Union Gap and Wenatchee with a wind gust reported to 60 mph in Pullman and 58 mph in Spokane.

lots of lightnings west coast usa
There has been a great deal of lightning in the western U.S. in the last 48 hours. Via Wildfiretoday

Statewide, there were 86,714 lightning strikes detected by the National Lightning Detection Network. That’s about 62% of the state’s annual lightning average and more than the entire lightning the state received in 2006 (82,710).

It’s the second year in a row the state has been hammered by lightning. Last year the state saw over 250,000 strikes.

Oregon wasn’t hit quite as hard with 32,925 strikes Saturday — about 11% of its annual average.

But combine the two states together and Vagasky says the 119,639 strikes was about 27% of the region’s annual average in just 0.27% of the year!

About the only place spared in Washington was along the coast and Olympic Peninsula. The track of the storm kept most of the activity into and east of Kitsap County.

It will be interesting to see how many wildfires are ignited. More anomalous weather headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [KomoNews, Wildfiretoday]

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  2. Lived in Washington State for 30 years. Some years we had lot’s of lightening, then we would go years with hardly any. Same with wind. I remember the Columbus Day Storm in the 60’s. It knocked down a lot of old growth timber. Kept the Timber Companies busy for years cleaning it up. You need to check the long range weather cycles. Where I live now, it’s on a 40 year cycle with 11 year smaller cycles in between. The Olympic Mountains rarely have electrical storms. But, there was a very big one in the late 70’s. I know, I was under it at tree line. Scared everyone. It included a flash flood that took out trail bridges and some roads.

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