Mexico M7.4 Earthquake Kills One and Is Felt More Than 400 Miles Away in Mexico City – Tsunami Warning for a Radius of 1,000 km (621 miles) on the Pacific Coasts of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras


A 7.4-magnitude earthquake has rattled large swaths of southern and central Mexico,killing at least one person.

The quake struck the southern state of Oaxaca at 10.29am local time (1429 BST) on Tuesday but was felt more than 400 miles away in the capital, Mexico City, where buildings shook and panicked residents fled on to the streets.

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M7.4 earthquake hits off Mexico on June 23rd. Damage, death and injuries. Tsunami warning for the Pacific coast. Earthquake map via USGS

It really moved,” said Francisco Aceves, the owner of an import-export firm in Mexico City who was on the 22nd floor of an office block when the quake struck.

Mexican newspapers said there were no immediate reports of damage in the capital, where memories of a 2017 earthquake that felled buildings and killed more than 300 people are still fresh.

So far no major damage has been reported – just the collapse of a few walls and building fronts,” Claudia Sheinbaum, the city’s mayor, said in a video from Mexico City’s emergency response centre.

The situation near the quake’s epicentre in Crucecita, Oaxaca, was not immediately clear.

But in a social media “message to the Mexican people” president Andrés Manuel López Obrador officials said one person had been confirmed dead after a landslide along the country’s Pacific coast. Another person was injured.

López Obrador, or Amlo as he is widely known, said no “strategic infastructure” such as ports, airports, refineries and hydroelectric dams had been damaged.

Everything is in good shape,” Amlo said urging Mexicans to stay alert but calm.

Richard Hanson, a 44-year-old American who runs an NGO in Oaxaca’s state capital called Tejiendo Alianzas, said: “It started really slow … and then very quickly it notched up very fast.

Our fan was moving around a lot, you could hear the noise of the walls and the earth moving, things stared falling off the shelves in the kitchen and crashing and breaking on the ground.

Outside Hanson said “people were running out of buildings, screaming and getting on the ground … Some people were just running to any open space.

Photographs from the state capital showed rubble strewn streets and the partially collapsed facade of one historic building.

The earthquake’s epicentre was just east of Huatulco, one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations, where beaches had only just reopened last week after closing because of the Corona.

Tuesday’s quake set off a tsunami warning for a radius of 1,000 km (621 miles) on the Pacific coasts of Mexico and Central America, including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Oaxaca’s state governor, Alejandro Murat, told Milenio Televisión the quake had triggered landslides, cut off road links between some towns and damaged some buildings, including one hospital that had been treating Covid-19 patients. Murat said the sick were being moved elsewhere. But no major buildings in the state capital appeared to have been severely damaged.

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  1. I am sorry Strange sounds , as you know according to the highly respected web site with a lot of information’s indeed.
    there was 3 quakes 7.7 which was 8.2 originally downgraded it to 7.7 , 7.7, 7.4 many 6 and 5.9 and 5.4 still 300 shaking. Now still i stand my prediction i gave 5.4 to 8 plus is coming look at sky news-UK and see all hot spots in the world around ring of fire. Still we had Vancouver BC to Sandi-ego and Mina NV and Ridge crest CA and Idaho and Oklahoma state and all those i said already are shaking as well. Now Solar Eclipse that is gone more danger is coming for humanity civil strife’s with racism civil war and election war , i told you we go to global civil war? I will stand with my predictions July 4 2020 which is Full moon as well , we will see a lot of shaking , political disunity and COVID 2.0 will bring all global economic to halt and global martial law? I will of coure update on before July 4 2020 ?
    Wednesday June 24 2020, 06:41:01 UTC south of the Kermadec Islands 4.7 10.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Wednesday June 24 2020, 06:36:48 UTC 1 km W of Indios, Puerto Rico 3.4 16.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Wednesday June 24 2020, 06:36:48 UTC 0 km SW of Indios, Puerto Rico 3.6 19.0 USGS Feed
    Wednesday June 24 2020, 04:28:22 UTC 0 km SSE of Indios, Puerto Rico 3.2 10.0 USGS Feed

    Wednesday June 24 2020, 03:26:54 UTC 91 km SSE of Puerto Ángel, Mexico 4.1 10.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Wednesday June 24 2020, 03:26:54 UTC 91 km SSE of Puerto Ángel, Mexico 4.1 10.0 USGS Feed
    Disclaimer is always apply .
    Why in France on the day of freedom still they can do fire crackers etc without penalty or Police . Why in USA freedoms all are taken one by one?

  2. These big earth quakes seem to come in 3’s. Look for one around Indonesia and another out in Pacific soon. My wife and I road out a 7.1 quake about ten years ago. It happened around midnight. We road our bed all over the room while we watched all the pictures and wall hangings swinging back and forth. The amazing part is that when it ended, nothing had fallen off the walls!

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