The Sixth Sense of Animals as an Early Warning System For Earthquakes?


Even today, nobody can reliably predict when and where an earthquake will occur.

However, eyewitnesses have repeatedly reported that animals behave unusually before an earthquake.

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Can animal predict earthquakes? Picture: Smithsonian

In an international cooperation project, researchers have investigated whether cows, sheep, and dogs can actually detect early signs of earthquakes.

To do so, they attached sensors to the animals in an earthquake-prone area in Northern Italy and recorded their movements over several months.

Results show that:

  • The movement data show that the animals were unusually restless in the hours before the earthquakes.
  • The closer the animals were to the epicenter of the impending quake, the earlier they started behaving unusually.

In conclusion, the movement profiles of different animal species in different regions could therefore provide clues with respect to the place and time of an impending earthquake.

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18,000 earthquakes and 13 sensitive animals

On an Italian farm in an earthquake-prone area, the scientists attached accelerometers to the collars of six cows, five sheep, and two dogs that had already displayed unusual behavior before earthquakes.

The researchers then recorded their movements continuously over several months.

During this period, official authorities reported about 18,000 earthquakes in the region. In addition to many small and hardly noticeable quakes, there were also 12 earthquakes with a strength of 4 or higher on the Richter scale.

Unusual behavioral patterns before an earthquake

After statistical analysis of all data, researchers discovered unusual behavioral patterns up to 20 hours before an earthquake.

The closer the animals were to the epicenter of the impending shock, the earlier they changed their behavior. This is exactly what you would expect when physical changes occur more frequently at the epicenter of the impending earthquake and become weaker with increasing distance.

However, this effect was clear only when the researchers looked at all animals together. “Collectively, the animals seem to show abilities that are not so easily recognized on an individual level.

Earthquake early warning system

It is still unclear how animals can sense impending earthquakes.

Animals may sense the ionization of the air caused by the large rock pressures in earthquake zones with their fur. It is also conceivable that animals can smell gasses released from quartz crystals before an earthquake.

However, before the behavior of animals can be used to predict earthquakes, researchers need to observe a larger number of animals over longer periods of time in different earthquake zones around the world (search for project Icarus on ISS).

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  1. I am resign out of strange sounds till OCT 1 and OC 31 and NOV 30 Full Moon.
    my predictions all come through so far we will see more quakes over 400 Million Americans be in weather 90-120 F for weeks. High pressure also causes quakes. I only come if a breaking news happens that is worthy? Just peace out all. We must love each others instead of hate?

  2. Babies may have the ability, too. While visiting my in-laws in Salinas CA circa 1979 their dog, my infant son, and I were in the back yard when the dog suddenly began whining for no apparent reason and started to run in circles. My son began to wail loudly, also for no apparent reason. A few seconds later I felt the ground shaking and the trees swaying in a typical mild tremor. I had no premonition myself. But my son and the dog sure did!

  3. this is foolish urban mythology “old wives tale. no animal predicted 10000 earthquakes in new zealand. i witnessed them all!!

    here is the truth of it as above:

    “conceivable that animals can smell gasses released from quartz crystals”

    which is largely silicone and does not emit any so called gas


    “before the behavior of animals can be used to predict earthquakes, researchers need to observe a larger number of animals over longer periods of time ”

    fake news.

  4. I personally can attest to this. I had to put down my 15 year old companion this year. However, in the last three years she would act as though she was terrified at times: crawling between my legs, trying to get under the bed or trying to hide in the closet. All of these actions were completely out of character for her. I began watching the usgs website due to biblical belief (Matthew 24) every time she would freak out. Sure enough, she sensed the big quakes coming…sometimes on the other side of the world…sometimes smaller ones within my region. She had always been extremely sensitive, but it also made her a very loving and protective animal.

  5. It has been a long time ago before quakes comes your pets are lost just look at the newspapers section lost animals. That is another way to predict the quakes more accurately.

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