Ebola Breaks Out Again in Congo With 48 Infections and 20 Deaths


Ebola is spreading in western Democratic Republic of Congo, with nearly 50 known cases across a large region bordering the Republic of Congo and Central African Republic.

Since authorities announced the outbreak on June 1st, 48 cases have been confirmed in Congo’s Equateur province, with a further three probable cases and a total of 20 deaths.

New ebola outbreak in Congo, ebola outbreak congo july 2020
New ebola outbreak in Congo. Picture: Reuters

This is still a very active outbreak, and I would say it is still a great concern,” Ryan told a news briefing.

The province includes part of the River Congo, he said, adding that it was a large geographical area where communities were linked and people travelled long distances.

There was previously a separate outbreak of Ebola in Ituri and North Kivu provinces of eastern Congo that was declared over last month.

That epidemic, the second largest on record, saw 3 463 confirmed and probable cases and 2 277 deaths over two years.

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