Lake Turns Blood Red In Paraguay


This small lake has turned blood red overnight.

And officials are still looking for the causes of this strange color.

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Why did this lake turned blood red in Paraguay? Picture via Youtube video

Locals believe this red color is linked to the wastewaters of leather businesses working in the area… So it could really be BLOOD!

The water of the lagoon (Laguna Cerro), situated in the town of Limpio, 30 km from the Paraguayan capital, has started to turn red during the quarantine, but the color has suddenly intensified overnight.

First green, the water became light pink, before turning completely red overnight. A strong smell is also associated with the color. The smell is so bad that it is almost getting impossible to sit outside.

Officials have already taken water samples and are analysing them currently: “We have taken samples to discover exactly the types of pollutants that this lake has. The color that the water took is very strange.

First measurements show presence of chemicals and organic contaminants. The color of the water may also show the existence of heavy metals such as iron, chromium and zinc, among others, usually used in the tanning process.

Algae bloom?

First measurements have also confirmed the presence of harmful algae such as cyanobacteria. Officials are also looking for chromium and tannin as these substances are used to cure leather.

Meanwhile, the authorities will confine the small lake to hinder a contamination of the nearby water bodies before the next rainy season beginning in September.

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