Outbreak of Life-Threatening Nervous System Condition Mostly Affecting Children Expected in 2020 – And Like Corona, Patients Require Intensive Care and Ventilator Support


This is expected to be another “outbreak year” for a rare but serious neurologic condition.

Because spikes in confirmed cases of acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, have occurred in the United States every two years since 2014.

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CNN.com Polio-like illness known as acute flaccid myelitis leaves healthy, active toddler paralyzed. Picture: CNN

Accute flaccid myelitis affects the nervous system, causing muscles and reflexes to become weak with symptoms that include sudden arm or leg weakness and loss of muscle tone and reflexes.

An outbreak is expected this year because spikes in confirmed cases have occurred in the United States every two years since 2014, agency officials said.

In a Vital Signs report released Tuesday, the CDC noted that 90% of the 238 cases of AFM diagnosed in 2018 – the most recent and largest outbreak of the disease in U.S. history – involved children around 5 years old.

There is no cure for AFM, and the disease can progress rapidly over the course of hours or days, leading to permanent paralysis and life-threatening respiratory failure in previously healthy patients.

Acute flaccid myelitis requires ventilators like Corona

The disease can be diagnosed using laboratory tests and an MRI of the brain and spinal cord.

An outbreak could be particularly challenging this year, given the number of people with severe Corona infections who require intensive care unit treatment and ventilator support.

In 2018, more than half of those diagnosed with AFM were admitted to hospital intensive care units, and one in four of those patients required a ventilator to breathe

ICU beds and ventilator supplies already are stretched thin in many parts of the country due to a spike in new coronavirus cases.

All clinicians should remain vigilant for AFM and promptly evaluate patients,” Clark said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this may require adjusting practices to perform clinical evaluations of patients by phone or telemedicine. However, clinicians should not delay hospitalizing patients when they suspect AFM.

Already a death and 16 confirmed cases

AFM has been described as “polio-like,” but patients generally test negative for the poliovirus, for which there is a vaccine. The disease has been linked with multiple enteroviruses and, like most viral infections, it is believed to spread via exposure to respiratory droplets from infected people

The majority of patients in 2018 reported having a fever or respiratory illness – somewhat similar to COVID-19’s symptoms – about six days before experiencing limb weakness.

As of July 31, 16 confirmed cases were confirmed nationally this year, with another 38 suspected cases. One person died.

The 2018 outbreak

The CDC’s review of the 2018 outbreak Tuesday revealed that 98% of patients with confirmed cases were hospitalized – and 54% of patients were admitted to an ICU.

94% of the confirmed cases of AFM were in children and 86% first saw symptoms between August and November 2018. Agency officials said the public should be particularly aware of the virus during these months.

Corona vs AFM

It is not known how COVID-19 and related social distancing measures could affect circulation of the viruses that cause AFM, or if COVID-19 will impact the health care system’s ability to promptly recognize and respond to AFM.

As we head into these critical next months, CDC is taking necessary steps to help clinicians better recognize signs and symptoms of AFM in children,” CDC Director said in a statement.

Recognition and early diagnosis are critical. CDC and public health partners have strengthened early disease detection systems, a vital step toward rapid treatment and rehabilitation for children with AFM,” he said.

More rare disease outbreaks on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [CDC, UPI]

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  1. AFM is vaccine-induced polio.

    Notice the age range of the victims: the age at which children start school and submit to being shot full of vaccines to satisfy the mandatory schedule. I quote from the article:
    “94% of the confirmed cases of AFM were in children and 86% first saw symptoms between August and November 2018. ”

    Between August and November is when children are receiving their vaccinations.

    Correlation is not causation, but studies have been done matching the AFM-sufferers’ viral load with “wild poliovirus” [which didn’t match, hence the claim that AFM is not polio], and with the form of the poliovirus used in the polio vaccine [which matched].

    AFM is vaccine-induced polio.

    • My first thought almost as a reflex…NEVER trust ANY vaccine, they have become the go-to to (secretly) damage our children and cut short their lives all under the guise of keeping them healthy and safe. I have not had any vaccine since the 50’s and will not, under any circumstances, have one of any kind. (And, BTW, I have never had the flue or any other disease) I view the government’s program on vaccines the same as how the government LIED and LIED about Hemp for 70 years, which deprived millions of Americans the many medicinal uses of the plant. They lied then and they are lying now.

  2. Well you need Zinc lozenges with few other ingredient that brings your immune system up. Also 2000 mg of Vitamin c and Calcium
    with vitamin D with boron and CQ10 and 200 mg and Vitamin K7
    with High efficient Fish oil will take care of you.
    Disclaimer always apply i am not Doctor or PA , how ever Strange Sounds can endorse or put article with this component in it.

  3. Doesn’t this sound like the work of a retrovirus? How do the killer T cells look?

    How are the glutathione levels?

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