US Universities With Haunted Dorms

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The most haunted colleges campuses and universities in the US. Picture: Shutterstock

If you think that ghosts like settling only in romantic castles, you are deeply misinformed. Spooks have different and sometimes unexpected tastes. You can run into spirits in mansions, libraries, museums, parks, and even universities.

Present-day students can hardly be scared of any supernatural occurrences. Would you like to spend your studentship surrounded by mysterious things? Make sure that you have a credible studying helper for your college years, and you won’t need to google, “Who will do my homework for me?” in a hurry.

Now take a look at the list of the most popular universities with haunted dorms in America.

The University of York

There were quite strange situations at this university for a long time. The most surprising thing is that nobody told what they saw as they considered it insane and were too ashamed to say about such situations.

The fact of the paranormal phenomena was discovered only after a survey conducted by an international mystical agency. The teaching staff and students claim that they hear the sound of footsteps in empty rooms at night (it makes us wonder what they are doing there at night) and feel like someone is looking at them all the time. 

Ohio University

Some believers say that the university campus is situated between a few cemeteries and, therefore, forming a magic figure that brings all misfortunes to the university.

According to other citizens’ words, the university is located on the old Indian graveyard, and the spirits of the dead take revenge for being disturbed.

Moreover, all the students try to stay away from room 428, where two undergrads died horrible and mysterious deaths. 

Smith College

This establishment is the largest college for girls with iron nerves! Can you imagine that the college website even has a list of ghosts that is continually updated? There is definitely a college ghostbuster.

The most famous spooky story is about lovers who met in a hidden stair. Unfortunately, the lovers were caught and were put to death during the war. The locals claim that the killed lovers still haunt this building, and the hidden staircase also exists.

As a rule, newcomers are tasked to find it on Halloween. Have you already found somebody who will backstop you when you ask, “Please, do my statistics homework” to make time for Halloween fun?

Huntingdon College

Each student has heard about the young Red Lady, who was brave enough to commit suicide within these walls. This girl adored red color and wore only red clothing, and that’s why she got such a nickname. Having decided on cutting her wrists in the bathtub (people mention different versions of the suicide reasons), the Red Lady started appearing here.

These days, the college holds Red Lady Run when students pain their faces in red, wear black clothing, and race around the campus.

Drew University

A few ghosts are living on this campus, but the most well-known one is Roxanna Drew strolling in the college building that was named after her. The legend says that her wealthy husband gave this building her. The university maintenance workers state that they often see her at night and try to stay away from her not to piss off this wayward lady.

Another spirit lives in the chapel and has an awful habit of playing the organ in the middle of the night and waking up everybody. Meanwhile, a dark-haired appears every night, stealing stuff from students living in dorms.

Sounds intriguing? You might try to see these ghosts with your own eyes instead of wasting time completing your assignments. Just entrust your tasks to papercoach and enjoy ghost hunting!

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  1. Unfortunately most people believe the first lie Satan said;” You will not surely die.” Immortality of the soul will be used in disguise to persuade with great effort to fool people to follow Satan in the last days just before Jesus Returns. These ‘spirits’ are fallen angels masquerading as humans who once lived.

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