Typhoon Hagupit Slams Eastern China With 85 mph Winds and 14-foot Waves


Typhoon Hagupit brought high winds and heavy rains to China’s eastern coastal areas on Tuesday and was headed towards the financial hub of Shanghai.

The hurricane-like storm made landfall in Zhejiang province around 3.30am, with winds blowing up to 136.8km/h (85mph) at its centre, creating gigantic waves.

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Satellite image released by Nasa shows Typhoon Hagupit over Taiwan (centre left) on Monday. Photo: Nasa

It was moving north at around 25km/h in the direction of Shanghai, which was overcast on Tuesday morning with rain expected in the afternoon.

Hagupit was expected to gradually turn in a north-easterly direction, heading out to sea again on Wednesday morning and moving towards the Korean peninsula.

China had ordered the evacuation of vulnerable coastal areas in Zhejiang and Fujian provinces to the south, recalled fishing boats and suspended ferry service and some trains.

There were no immediate reports of major destruction or injuries resulting from the storm.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV showed trees toppled in the Zhejiang city of Yuhuan, but there were no indications of serious damage to property.

In the major Zhejiang manufacturing centre of Wenzhou, south of Shanghai, authorities reported evacuating 200,000 people to shelters and recalling more than 6,000 fishing boats to port.

Waves along the coast were reported at heights of 4.2 metres.

This year’s typhoon season has been relatively mild in China, although flooding since June along its major river systems has caused scores of deaths, forced around 2 million people to be evacuated and caused more than 49 billion yuan (US$7 billion) in damage.

It just adds another disaster to the already long list of threats that China faces currently, like the coronavirus pandemic, flooding and drought. Add food security and we are near the collapse of The Middle Kingdom.

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  1. “Add food security and we are near the collapse of The Empire of the Rising Sun.”
    Uh…Japan is at risk because of Chinese weather?

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