Sky turns blood red at noon while apocalyptic fires engulf Oregon (videos)

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Fires in Oregon turn the sky blood red: videos and pictures via Youtube video

An outbreak of wildfires has spread across Oregon and thousands have been ordered to evacuate.

And the wild-land fires burning in Western Oregon are so apocalyptic that skies are turning blood red and the area is dark from the smoke, in the morning, at noon and during the whole day.

Isn’t it totally crazy? Yes, look at this:

Oregon fire officials even say they have never seen conditions so conducive to destructive fires, and that it might be days before they can begin trying to suppress the blaze:

Thousands of Oregonians were evacuated from their homes Tuesday, as conditions led to a spate of surging wildfires state officials said is unprecedented in modern memory.

The gusts that began Monday gave new life to fires that had burned in central and eastern Marion County for weeks, eventually creating what officials are calling the Santiam Fire.

It swept quickly down the canyons west of the cascades on Monday and Tuesday prompting evacuations in a swath of communities east of Salem.

Meanwhile intensifying fires east of Eugene, near Ashland and along the coast also demanded attention and prompted evacuation orders in towns and state prisons. The Mt. Hood National Forest has been shut down to the public until further notice.

This is really scary and apocalyptic stuff. It reminds me of that old saying:

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight
Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning

I would really listen to those sailors. Be safe if you live in those areas.


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    Doc Crows announced on Facebook it would be closing effective Tuesday “for the safety of our guests and team members alike.” It did not state a reopen date, but asked patrons to check social media.

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    While the majority of Humana employees are still working from home due to the pandemic, the insurance company’s Louisville facilities are closed until Monday.

    Reporters Lucas Aulbach, Ben Tobin, Chris Kenning and Dahlia Ghabour contributed.

    Reach breaking news reporter Sarah Ladd at Follow her on Twitter at @ladd_sarah. Support strong local journalism by subscribing today:
    Published 7:33 PM EDT Sep 22, 2020

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    Belarus protests: Arrests as opposition demonstrations continue
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    Cops arrest four for arson – including man who LIVE STREAMED fire he is accused of starting – as death toll from wildfires climbs to 29 and Oregon officials warn of ‘mass fatality event’

    Two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon and one woman in California are facing arson charges accused of starting blazes
    Michael Bakkela, 41, was arrested Friday over a blaze in southern Oregon that merged with the Almeda Fire – that has so far killed at least two
    In California, Anita Esquivel, 37, was arrested Friday for fires on Highway 101 near Boronda Road
    Jeffrey Acord, 36, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly starting a fire on State Route 167 at Meridian, Washington
    Acord posted a Facebook Live video of himself at the scene of the fire saying he reported the fire to cops after stumbling across it
    In the footage he says he is ‘so glad he called it in when I did’ and tells cops he ‘wish[ed] he had a fire extinguisher’
    Jacob Altona, 28, was arrested Thursday over a fire at State Routes 512 and 7
    At least 20 have been killed in California, 8 in Oregon and 1 in Washington state
    Authorities in Oregon and California expect casualty count to rise
    Dozens are missing in Oregon’s Jackson County and Marion County, where fire continues to burn near Salem

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    Saturday September 12 2020, 03:33:59 UTC 8km WNW of Cobb, CA 1.0 2.2 USGS Feed Detail
    Saturday September 12 2020, 03:27:41 UTC 14km SE of Lone Pine, CA 1.2 8.7 USGS Feed Detail
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    Saturday September 12 2020, 02:42:32 UTC 17km SE of Olancha, CA 1.6 3.1 USGS Feed Detail
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