Giant clouds of mosquitoes are so thick since Hurricane Laura that they’re killing cattle and horses in Louisiana

mosquitoes kill cattle in Louisiana
Hundreds of cattle and a few horses have been killed by devouring mosquitoes in Louisiana. Picture: Dr. Craig Fontenot

Experts in southwest Louisiana say clouds of mosquitoes have been so thick since Hurricane Laura that they’re killing cattle and horses.

According to first estimates, hundreds of cattle and a few horses have been killed in a five-parish area in southwest Louisiana.

Veterinarian Craig Fontenot of Ville Platte says the swarms drain animals’ blood and animals also become exhausted from constantly moving in an attempt to avoid the biting insects.

mosquitoes kill cattle in Louisiana
swarm of mosquitoes sucking the blood of a cow in Louisiana. Picture: Dr. Craig Fontenot

LSU AgCenter agent Jeremy Hebert said he has spoken to several cattle owners who have lost as many as eight animals. He had also heard of three mosquito-related deaths of horses.

Fontenot estimates that hundreds of cattle and a few horses have been killed in his five-parish area.

There’s a lot on the verge of dying,” Fontenot said. 

mosquitoes kill cattle in Louisiana
A dead deer killed by hordes of mosquitoes. Picture: Dr. Craig Fontenot

LSU AgCenter agents say spraying has begun to thin the hordes pushed out of marshes by the storm that made landfall Aug. 27.

Another mosquito invasion occurred in Russia last month:

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  1. Every one of us in this blog has been brought diversity of info and responds. No one is wrong and no one is right 100 percent either? We all do not want our beloved USA turns in to Beirut of
    North America. I have seen horses died from mass mosquito as well near other sates as well. Are those mosquito or killer robots
    trained for future? God bless USA and hell to Sharia Law of any kind!

  2. Forty years ago my parents raised horses near a swampy bush area. The horses had to be put into the barn as the mosquitoes would have them running in panic. So yes it has happened, maybe not to the extent it is now.

  3. Do you remember locusts attacked many crops around the globe.
    We saw pictures available. Strange sounds may not have photos now but absent of photos that does not mean article is less accurate. Same thing now absent of light is darkness, absent of darkness is light.

  4. It’s the GMO mosquitoes killing them. Not the number of them. So stupid to think they would drink all the blood out. It’s the GMO infecting them.

  5. Then Prepare , Prepare and do not tell any body about it. Even your kids, because when they are schools teacher may ask them and spy on every one. Asking questions what your mother father said for example elections. The kid will say my parents are follower of so so candidates and they have 40 guns etc,, End of story, Teach your kids 5 amendments, and USA constitution. After Shitouloution in Iran , the teachers ask certain questions from kids and kids now spy on their relatives.

  6. If there are such swarms of mosquitoes, then SHOW US the pictures of them. Pretty simple to do, unless it is all BS and something else is killing them.

  7. If these much larger animals are at risk, what does that mean for exposed infants or the elderly? Have we ever seen this before? I don’t remember ever seeing this kind of mosquito with the potential to bring down hundreds of large animals like cows, deer and horses.

    Genetically modified to be super aggressive and persistent and to guarantee the bringing down of an animal that is thousands of times the size and strength of these mosquitos. Unreal.

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