It’s worst than a volcanic eruption! Massive chunks of ash fall from the sky across Santa Rosa, California as ‘wildfire’ attacks the area


Massive ash fell yesterday across Santa Rosa, California as a result of the ongoing raging wildfire that’s growing and threatening the area!

The GlassFire has burned more than 42,000 acres with nearly 70,000 residents being forced to evacuate. Currently 0% contained. The pictures were captured by Morgan Balaei.

glassfire, glassfire pictures, glassfire california september 2020, glassfire massive ash picture santa rosa
Massive ash falls from the sky over Santa Rosa, California as Glassfire sweeps across the area. Picture: Morgan Balaei via Live Storm Chasers

glassfire, glassfire pictures, glassfire california september 2020, glassfire massive ash picture santa rosa
Worst than a volcanic eruption: giant ash falling from the sky over Santa Rora, California. Picture: Morgan Balaei via Live Storm Chasers

glassfire, glassfire pictures, glassfire california september 2020, glassfire massive ash picture santa rosa
Big chunks of ash falling from the sky during Glassfire in California. Picture: Morgan Balaei via Live Storm Chasers

glassfire, glassfire pictures, glassfire california september 2020, glassfire massive ash picture santa rosa
But how does such big ash form? Picture: Morgan Balaei via Live Storm Chasers

This year, it seems the ash looks different. It’s chunkier and everywhere. Everything in the air is tinted yellow-ish gray, with black spots for where the ash dots the ground. Some of the ash pieces almost look fibrous, like pieces of black string. Other pieces look like shredded bark. Anywhere you look, it’s there.

It’s unclear what accounts for the size of the ash. It could be debris from various structures that have burned, or pieces of bark, or light fuels coming up from the grass.

More information on ash and how to protect yourself from it can be found on EPA, SF Chronicle, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. We owe it to you Strange sounds. I am sorry a lot of news from my angel , i am shamed really , i do not want hijack your blog or something, i know this much we both get a long indeed. We appreciate all stories you put and like wise. So if you do not mind at all, we use your platform for a lot of information’s news, that shall come like Westmoralnd near Salton lake , i was awake i did cover it for you elegantly. So i shake hand with you as friendship and harmony ,peace, tranquility for all people.

  2. We can not come to USA total closure all 3000 miles of Canada and USA is continued for a year? Thanks God we are in good shape here in Canada. That is why we all scared of CARE,
    Hamas, and Iranian agents bought half of Vancouver.
    FDD: The Dangerous Presence Of Islamic Republic In Canada

    A recent report from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies states that Canada has become a major hub for the Islamic Republic in Iran and its supporters, and perhaps an unsafe place for Canadian-Iranian democracy activists.

    According to the report, despite receiving promises of justice from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, families of the victims of the Ukrainian Airline Flight 752 that was shot down by the regime of Iran have instead experienced threats and intimidation by the regime and its supporters within Canada, while Ottawa continues a fruitless policy of engagement with Tehran. The report claims that other Canadian-Iranians have been openly and publicly threatened with physical harm by regime sympathizers in Toronto.

    The report also criticizes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his lack of action in the case of Ukrainian Flight 752, saying that although the prime minister has demanded answers from Tehran, he has shown reluctance in applying any meaningful pressure against the regime.

    The reports continues: “Canadian-Iranians have been warning their government about the regime’s growing presence on Canadian soil, yet their warnings appear to have fallen on deaf ears. Instead, Ottawa has chosen to look the other way as pro-regime Canadian-Iranians invest their wealth in the Canadian economy and potentially boost the Liberal party.”

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    One example mentioned in the report is the former chairman of Bank Melli Iran, Mahmoud Reza Khavari, who flew to Canada after embezzling $2.6 billion from Iran. Canada has allowed Khavari to settle in the country; he now lives comfortably in Toronto with his family and operates several businesses, including five restaurants.

    FDD report goes on to say that the regime officials and sympathizers appear confident about their presence in Canada: “This year’s Shia religious Ashura ceremony in Toronto featured regime supporters openly threatening Canadian-Iranian democracy activists.” Adding: “Other public events have included open support for regime officials, such as the notorious IRGC General Qassem Soleimani, assassinated by U.S. forces in January, 2020.”

    The report concludes that the message that the Iranian-Canadian community is receiving from Tehran and the Islamic Republic and from Ottawa as well, is that “you are not safe from the Islamic Republic anywhere”.
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  3. Iran Warns Over Violations of Its Territory As Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Rages World War 3 ?

    Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh on Saturday warned “all sides” involved in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict against violating Iranian territory. At least a dozen mortar shells fired by Azerbaijani and Armenian forces have hit Iranian villages since heavy military clashes broke out between Iran’s two neighbors last Sunday [September 27].

    “The Islamic Republic of Iran has been monitoring the movements in border areas with great sensitivity,” Khatibzadeh told reporters. “We seriously warn all sides to take the necessary precautions…”

    Iranian news agencies have reported that stray mortar shells have injured a six-year-old child in Iran. The shelling has alarmed border-area villagers and led some to flee their homes, Mehr News Agency reported on Saturday. Mehr suggested that mortar fire threatened to damage the Mil-o-Moghan Dam (also known as Aras Dam) in the Aslandouz region, Ardebil Province, a dam built by Iran and Azerbaijan and used jointly.

    Iran has stressed the importance of respecting Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and while it has good relations with Armenia, Tehran has always regarded the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh – since the 199os a de facto independent entity led by ethnic Armenians – as Azerbaijani territory in line with the United Nations. Since the recent fighting erupted, Iran has called on both parties to end the clashes and resolve the conflict through negotiations.

    The United States has also urged the two countries’ leaders to accept a ceasefire, while on Friday the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned “third parties” to stay out of the conflict, remarks seen by some analysts as a reference to Turkey, which openly supports Azerbaijan. On Saturday [October 3], 60 US lawmakers published a letter calling for Washington to condemn Turkey and Azerbaijan and to end security assistance to Baku.

    Armenia on Friday said it was ready for ceasefire talks, but Azerbaijan has yet not accepted a ceasefire or mediation.

    Iran is nervous over the conflict given its own Azeri population – at least 20% of 84 million Iranians – have cultural, linguistic and religious links with Azerbaijan, and the Iranian authorities have this week arrested some protesting in support of Azerbaijan. Russia meanwhile supports Armenia.

    French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday demanded an explanation from Turkey after reports it has arranged the sending of 300 militants from the Syrian city of Aleppo to fight against Armenia. Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan is keen to link up with a fellow Turkic people, but both Azerbaijan and Turkey have denied allegations that Syria-based Sunni jihadists have joined the fight against Armenian forces.

  4. Sukkot in the shadow of corona: 7,690 new cases reported on Friday
    Currently, there are 72,164 active cases of the virus in Israel, 839 who are in serious condition, among them 203 who are intubated.
    Email Twitter Facebook fb-messenger
    Israel Police prepare for new coronavirus lockdown regulations, Sept. 25, 2020 (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
    Israel Police prepare for new coronavirus lockdown regulations, Sept. 25, 2020
    (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
    As the country prepares to enter the Sukkot holiday under lockdown, the Health Ministry reported some 7,690 new patients were diagnosed with coronavirus the day before.
    Currently, there are 72,164 active cases of the virus in Israel, 839 who are in serious condition, among them 203 who are intubated. The death toll stands at 1,633.
    Israel went from being one of the country’s with the lowest mortality rates to a country with one of the highest per day for its population size. Moreover, the number of new patients per day is also among the highest in the world per capita – but this is connected to how many people are screened, as well.
    On Friday morning, a report by the Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center, which is overseen by the IDF, showed that the percentage of positive results are high and rising – an indication that morbidity is even more widespread than the country thought.
    However, the numbers are not necessarily indicating such a negative trend.
    Israel’s partial closure began two weeks ago, when around 9% of all people screened were testing positive. Between September 18 and September 25 – the date that Israel enacted a more complete nationwide lockdown – that percentage rapidly spiked.
    Israel is going to close all Israel for another year? preparation for attack on IRAN? Iran is also closing down due to high rate of Corona SARS 2.0 also closing most of nations for preparation of war with USA and Israel. Also Tehran in apple TV series Will they be succeeded , we advise see Tehran series in apple TV so far close to 500.000 seen 5 segments with every week new segments comes on. Series 2 and 3 is in full productions.
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  5. ‘SERIOUS CONCERNS’ Trump says he’s ‘going well I think’ as he has Remdesivir treatment after ‘struggling to breathe’ with COVID in hospital

    DONALD Trump says his coronavirus treatment is “going well I think” after he was given a dose of Remdesivir, according to the White House.

    Trump, 74, was rushed to Walter Reed medical center out of an “abundance of caution” on Friday night as he experiences coronavirus symptoms.

    ⚠️ Follow our US election 2020 live blog for the latest news & updates
    President Donald Trump was rushed to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland for coronavirus symptoms on Friday night
    President Donald Trump was rushed to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland for coronavirus symptoms on Friday nightCredit: AFP or licensors
    Trump was seen on Friday for the first time following his diagnosis
    Trump was seen on Friday for the first time following his diagnosisCredit: Reuters

    Hours after he was transported to the hospital via presidential helicopter Marine One, Trump tweeted: “Going welI, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!”

    Going welI, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 3, 2020

    In an update late on Friday, after it was reported Trump was “struggling to breathe,” White House doctor Sean P Conley said Trump was given a dose of Remdesivir.

    Conley said in a later update on Friday that Trump was “doing very well” and “is not requiring any supplemental oxygen.”
    We need Global and National and State prayers for PR Donald Trump and Melania and all white house staff. Time to show
    unity in diversity now. World is watching all Americans so we need to show world we can do much better with each others.
    Mohsen BC

  6. Breaking NEWS MAJOR OCTOBER SURPRISES: The quakes
    in Westmorland CA and now President Trump, first lady have tested positive for Covid-19
    President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for corona virus, the President announced early Friday morning.
    We ask all people regardless religion, race, and any political differences please pray for his health and Melania and all his
    staff. We Iranian Americans in North America and Inside Iran
    also pray for his health and recovery of all .
    Thanks a lot to Strange Sounds and freedom of press and freedom of thought and religion.
    Mohsen BC

  7. Quake Swarm of 700+ Not Done Shaking Imperial County, Geologist Says
    A swarm of earthquakes, hundreds in total, that began to shake Imperial County Wednesday afternoon continued on Thursday and could last for another few days, according to a local geologist.

    The swarm was centered in Westmorland, California and were first felt at about 4 p.m.

    By the evening there were about 284 earthquakes in the Imperial County. By Thursday afternoon, that number was more than 700, the majority minor quakes with magnitudes in the 1.2 range.
    The largest quake was a magnitude 4.9 a little after 5:30 p.m. Wednesday that was felt in parts of San Diego County and Tijuana, according to United States Geological Survey’s Did You Feel It? map.

    “The swarm happening now south of the Salton Sea, near Westmoreland, is over 30 km south of the end of the San Andreas,” tweeted seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones. “It is in the Brawley seismic zone, a common source of swarms …. too far from the San Andreas to change the probability of a quake on it.”

    In just 2.5hr Westmoreland swarm has had 45 quakes of M≥3.0. One of the largest swarms we have had in the Imperial Valley – and it is historically the most active swarms in SoCal.
    Pat Abbott, who is professor emeritus at San Diego State’s Geological Sciences Department, is currently getting some R&R in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but spoke to NBC 7 about the area and the swarm. He said the swarms are a normal phenomenon for that geological region, happening every few years.
    Pat Abbott, who is professor emeritus at San Diego State’s Geological Sciences Department, said it’s always possible something bigger could be coming but that what’s happening in Imperial County is, actually, normal.

    “This is a very unique area of the United States,” Abbott said. “No place else like this at all…. Effectively, the folks out there are not sitting on the continent with the rest of us; they’re sitting on ocean floor. Ocean floor meaning the Gulf of California, with a lot of sands that the Colorado River has brought in.”

    Brawley also said that the swarm is, in effect, evidence of San Diego and Baja California pulling away from mainland Mexico and the United States.

    “This area is famous for seismic swarms, so what we’re getting here is stunning, the numbers, yes they are, but this is not a rare event there at all,” Abbott said. “This can happen every year, every few years, and it has throughout our seismological records. We call it the Brawley Seismic Zone.”

    Abbott said Mother Nature is having a good time, but there is nothing to indicate this will lead to a larger earthquake. He said the swarm is not likely to trigger the much more dangerous San Andreas Fault.

    Abbott said it’s possible the swarm could continue for another few days.

  8. Still shaking Westmorland and is sign of bigger quake in progress. We have not yet exited 1st moon full of OCT 1 2020 we will have till OCT 28 and then another full moon followed by election? we ask you all prepare prepare where ever you are.
    Why keep shaking westmorland at shallow quakes 2miles so
    a 4.4 was upgraded to 5.0 as we can see my first report i put it 5.0 and USGS confirmed it now?

  9. Latest Quake in 5.0 Very Close to Salton Sea , WestMorland
    and prior the 5.0 had 400 quakes now after 5.0 had over 100 after shocks about every few minutes one quakes just 3.5 was latest one had. The lady was live had technical issues i think she is opening new live on YouTube. We will informed all of you.
    IN three days they may have 7.0 plus.

  10. Well i blame it on 1st series of Full Moon. No predictions for a few months. But We all have good ideas what will happen next 12 weeks? World will be hell!
    Many of our Intel left Iran so we have very limited Intel unless we scan all newspapers in Iran and Afghani TV Radio. But still we know a war with Iran is coming sooner than later? Please be to kind each others . Good Though , Good acts, Good Deeds.
    Mohsen BC

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