Apocalyptic fires cause devastation across Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey

Apocalyptic fires cause devastation across Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey
Apocalyptic fires cause devastation across Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. Picture via Twitter

Forest fires in Syria and neighbouring Lebanon have killed two people and burned swathes of land since Thursday, state media and officials said.

Syrian state television on Saturday morning broadcast scenes from the affected areas, where firefighters were working to extinguish the blazes.

It said hundreds of hectares had burned in the countryside of Syria’s coastal Latakia and Tartus provinces, and in the central Homs province.

The health ministry said two people died in Latakia province on Friday as a result of the fires, and that 70 people in the area were taken to hospital suffering breathing difficulties.

Dozens of fires were burning, including “45 in Latakia and 33 in Tartus”, Syria’s Agriculture Minister Mohammed Hassan Qatana told a radio station on Friday.

The Latakia fire brigade said they were “facing the largest series of fires seen in Latakia province in years”.

Official news agency SANA said fire burned homes in Banias, in Tartus province.

Syria too saw blazes in Latakia, Tartus and Homs in mid-October last year, state media reported at the time.

In neighbouring Lebanon, there have been more than 100 fires across the country since Thursday, according to George Abu Musa, head of operations for the country’s civil defence.

The situation is crazy, there are fires everywhere,” Abu Musa told AFP.

We have mobilised 80 percent of our personnel and almost all our centres in Lebanon,” he said.

He said most of the blazes had been extinguished but some were still burning in the mountainous Chouf region in the south, and in Akkar in the north.

Military helicopters were assisting firefighters in “hard-to-reach” areas, he added.

Abu Musa was unable to identify the cause of the blazes, but said wind and high temperatures were helping them spread.

Dozens of fires hit Lebanon in mid-October last year, amid unusually high temperatures and strong winds.

The government faced heavy criticism and accusations of ill-preparedness over its response to the 2019 blazes.

Days after Lebanon’s 2019 fires, mass protests broke out, triggered by proposed tax hikes but quickly transforming into months-long demonstrations against the ruling class, deemed by protesters as inept and corrupt.

On Friday, authorities reported several fires across northern and central Israel and the occupied West Bank as temperatures soared, forcing thousands to evacuate.

Same in southern Turkey…

PKK terrorists? Well this is what they say…

Wars, explosions and now apocalyptic fires…

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  1. World WAR 3 and IRAN !!
    US reacts strongly to release of video of Russian S-400 missile test by Turkey
    S-400 air defense

    Reuters reports that it has a video showing a rocket fired into the sky on Friday (October 16th) from a point on the Black Sea coast where the Turkish army was to deploy Russian S-400 missiles.

    The State Department warned that it had explicitly stated to the Turkish government that the missiles should not be operational.

    Filmed in the coastal city of Sinop, the video shows a thin line of thick smoke at a very high altitude in the region’s sky. The Turkish government has imposed restrictions on traffic in the region’s skies and waters in recent days before the test firing.

    Tensions between Ankara and Washington could escalate if the incident proves to be a test firing of Russian S-400 missiles. The United States strongly opposes the purchase of these weapons by Turkey, which could jeopardize NATO’s defense systems.

    Defense Department spokesman Morgan Ortagos said Washington had told senior Turkish officials that the purchase of advanced Russian weapons, including S-400 missiles, was unacceptable and had made it clear that the missile system should not be operational.

    “At the same time, we warn about the negative impact of the operation of these systems on security relations between Turkey and the United States,” he added. “If the test of these missiles is approved, we will strongly condemn this move as a violation of Turkey’s commitments as a NATO member and strategic ally of the United States.”

    The Turkish Ministry of Defense has neither confirmed nor denied the test firing of the missile.

    The US government suspended its participation in a joint F-35 production plan last year in response to Turkey’s purchase of Russian missiles.

    Turan Oguz, a weapons expert, said that the color, smoke concentration and angle seen in the video initially matched the specifications of the S-400 missiles and that the missile did not appear to have been aimed at a very high altitude.

    Last year, the Turkish military tested surface-to-air missiles, one of the most advanced anti-aircraft weapons in the world, capable of detecting and tracking attack aircraft at medium and long range.

    Turkey signed a contract to buy S400 missiles from Russia in 2017, and the first part of this missile system worth $ 2.5 billion was delivered to Turkey in July 2019.

    Last week, two US senators called on the Donald Trump administration to impose sanctions on Turkey following reports that the test could be carried out.

    Headlines for the latest news
    The latest Islamist crime / A French teacher was beheaded by an Algerian after showing cartoons of Muhammad to his students
    Members of the French parliament warned of the danger of war with Iran and the arms race in the middle east!
    Disclaimer always apply

  2. World WAR 3 reshaping our world? Terrorist Regime of Iran is cancer of middle east?

    S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Saudi Arabian counterpart meet in Washington where both sides doubled down on the threat Iran poses to the stability of the Middle East.

    “It’s no secret that Iran’s destabilizing behavior threatens Saudi Arabia’s security and disrupts global commerce,” said Pompeo Wednesday morning at the State Department in Washington.

    “The frequent ongoing Houthis bombardment of Saudi territory using rockets, drones and other other lethal technologies supplied by the regime in Tehran. Today, we reaffirmed our mutual commitment to countering Iranian malign activity and the threat it poses to regional security and prosperity and the security of the American people as well.”

    Pompeo’s comments came during a meeting with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud.

    The two met to launch the inaugural U.S.-Saudi Strategic Dialogue, which is expected to focus on ‘shared commitments to the furthering of regional security and prosperity, economic development, and people-to-people exchanges.’

    “The Iranian regime continues to provide financial and material support to terrorist groups, including in Yemen, where the Houthis have launched more than 300 Iranian made ballistic missiles and drones towards the kingdom,” said Prince Faisal.

    “Their development of their nuclear program and ballistic missiles and their malign activities represent a grave danger to the region and the world. We are both committed to counter and deter Iran’s destabilizing behavior.”

    Pompeo also talked about the continued U.S. commitment to arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the investment of over a billion dollars in opening a new embassy and two consulates in the country.

  3. This predictive programming and Tehran Series is blue print of this happening. Israel is out of time and there are few other opportunities are coming? Due to dates we will leave it alone.
    Iranian Economy on Verge of Collapse, Due to American Sanctions, Pandemic
    COVID-19 deaths continue to climb as Tehran accuses US of trying to starve it into surrender
    Iran needs war badly and Persian gulf is state of emergency?

  4. WORLD WAR 3
    Iran Confirms Cyberattacks Against Its Government Institutions

    After some reports about a cyberattack on several ministries and government institutes in Iran, the Communication Ministry’s MAHER Center confirmed cyberattacks against two government institutes.

    The attack was confirmed after several unofficial sources on Tuesday reported the shutdown of network and systems in several ports and disruptions in the banking system as a result of cyberattacks.

    The Communication Ministry’s MAHER Center released a statement on Tuesday night announcing: “The significant cyberattack incident only involves two government institutions and the officials are investigating the issue. The MAHER center is ready to provide the necessary support.”

    The center also confirmed that the network in several government institutions and buildings has been shut down and added: “Some government institutions decided to temporarily shut down some services after receiving the warnings and began technical testing out of caution.”

    The statement by Maher Centre also announced that it has issued warnings to some organizations while the cyberattacks were occurring, but the warning does not mean that all those organizations were targeted by the cyberattacks.

    The Centre emphasizes that there is no evidence of a widespread attack on government institutions except for the two institutions that were targeted.

    In the Spring and Summer of 2020, a series of fire and explosion incidents occurred in Iran’s infrastructures, military facilities, and nuclear sites. The most significant ones being the explosions and fires in several power plants, an explosion in Natanz nuclear site, and the explosion in the missile factory in the east of Tehran.

    The Islamic Republic officials did not offer any clear explanation for any of those incidents, but the Chief of Iran’s Passive Defence Gholamreza Jalali said that if it is proven that the incidents were the results of cyberattacks, Iran will respond.

    In a TV interview, Jalali also pointed out Iran’s cyberattacks against the US and Israel, saying in the first three months of the year Israel and the US have accused Iran of 14 to 17 cyberattacks.

    The Islamic Republic officials have repeatedly either denied being targeted by cyberattacks or claim to have neutralized the attack but cover up the cause and the details of the attack, or sometimes reveal being targeted only after several months after the attack. Just as Jalali announced that several months ago some of Iran’s infrastructures were targeted by cyberattacks. He also revealed after a year that the cause of the fires in the petrochemical facilities in 2019 was cyber attack.

  5. Well we have project Blue Beam. HAARP and many other weapons of mass destruction. So if they want they can attack any one on the house to the point he or she goes crazy or better call it human fire and dies. So far we have had 5 cases in the world that suddenly healthy man was on fire by itself and died on its on ashes? So better we all vote and pray stay for emergency news coming OCT 31-2020 to NOV 26 2020. Buy buy food and watch your TV stations? do not go out of streets?
    All gas tanks must be full. Quakes, Volcanoes, floods, extreme hit wave , clashes between political parties, We must all time be in alert.

  6. It’s been proven and seen on satellite imagery that “beams of light” – probably from directed energy weapons are starting fires along the West Coast. In this article someone says they don’t know where the fires are coming from . Look above. Those weapons are destroying the forests and property.

  7. Terrorist Regime of Iran taken 90 Millions Hostages and is new ISIS in middle east and now this report confirms Iran is building more atom bombs as we speak? Death to Khamanie and Rohani.
    TEHRAN — International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Rafael Grossi has said Iran is not in possession of enough enriched uranium to develop nuclear weapons.

    “The Iranians continue to enrich uranium, and to a much higher degree than they have committed themselves to. And this amount is growing by the month,” Grossi said in an interview with Austrian paper Die Presse published on Saturday, Reuters reported.

    Asked about Iran’s “breakout” time — the period it would take to produce enough nuclear material for one weapon — he said, “In the IAEA we do not talk about breakout time. We look at the significant quantity, the minimum amount of enriched uranium or plutonium needed to make an atomic bomb. Iran does not have this significant quantity at the moment.”

    The Islamic Republic has repeatedly said that it has never sought and will never seek to build nuclear weapons. The decision, Tehran says, is based on a fatwa (religious decree) issued by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The fatwa bans the production, possession and stockpiling of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction

    Iran has also signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) — whose aim is to prevent the spread of nuclear arms and weapons technology — in July 1968 and ratified it in February 1970.

    In order to address the commotion created by the United States and its allies over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, Tehran signed a nuclear deal with six world powers in 2015. Under the deal, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear activities in exchange for a lifting of sanctions.

    However, in May 2018, President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and restored the sanctions on Iran.

    In response, Iran gradually reduced its commitments to the JCPOA under a process beginning a year after the U.S. withdrawal.

    Iran is currently enriching uranium to up to 4.5% purity, far below the 20% it achieved before the deal and the 90% that is considered weapons-grade. World War 3 is coming ??

  8. Well all of this is part of World War 3 , they do not want trees prevents Tanks and equipment’s to be delayed?

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