Are There Real Gambling Gods You Can Pray To?

gambling gods
What are the gambling gods? Picture: Pixabay

Gambling brings out the oddity in most people. Gamblers are always looking for some kind of edge that will help them to be a winner. Many swear they have developed a formula that ensures they will win on a slot machine or at a gaming table.

There are those who know when luck has changed and good fortune is about to ensue. Some have superstitions and routines they believe will bring about a change in their fortunes. It is truly remarkable what some believe is helping them to win or hindering their success when gambling.

Can You Pray for Success?

The superstitions are some of the funniest. Whether it is rubbing the head of a person with red hair, throwing salt over your shoulder, or entering the casino at the exact time as a previous big score, there are a number of these that actually dictate how a person gambles. It is truly remarkable.

However, some go the extra mile. Some believe they need to call on divine intervention to assist them to be a winner. At they recently listed an article that named the five most famous gambling gods of all-time.

Many gamblers are turning to these ancient deities hoping that they will bring about a change in fortune. The funny thing is that it has been this way for centuries, as people have put their trust in these gods for thousands of years.

Not Unusual at All

If you are shaking your head in disbelief that the absurdity of praying to a gambling God, don’t. The truth is that many cultures have gods who they had prayed to for a number of reasons

For example, many ancient cultures believed that comets were bringing a message of doom. They were feared, not because they believed that the comet was actually bringing destruction, but that the celestial body was a messenger who was appearing to deliver a message of impending disaster.

This sounds kind of silly, but consider the fact that comets were very unusual entities to people thousands of years ago. They were used to seeing stars, the sun, the moon, and the planets appear, but a comet was an extraordinary event, one that occurred once in a number of generations. Therefore, it was viewed as something to be feared.

Same for residents of Hawaii during volcanic eruptions… You will ask me but why do they place plants before a wall of hot lava? These are ti leaves, a sacred offering to Pele, a goddess associated with fire and volcanoes.

These ancient gods did not always bring disaster. The Roman god Fortuna, from which we get the word fortune, was believed to bring great prosperity to the city. Fortuna actually traces its roots back to the Greek God Tyche, who the Greeks believed was responsible for floods, droughts, frosts, even problems politically.

And sometimes, gods even make water flow out of trunks… Amazing, no?

But Are There Gambling Gods?

Most now understand that the gods of Greek and Roman mythology are not responsible for calamitous events that occur across the globe. However, for centuries and in many cultures, s people turned to these gods hoping they would bring about great fortune when gambling. Here are some of the deities.


Hermes is actually the Greek god of gambling. He is most famous in mythology as a messenger from God but was quite the trickster as well. Despite this, many Greeks pray to Hermes as he was viewed as the god of gambling and gaming. According to the legend, one would pray to Hermes asking him to give the ability to trick and outwit opponents so that the person could win in games.

This may seem odd to pray to this particular god, but consider the fact that gambling was a big part of Greek culture. In mythology, it is said that the universe was split between Poseidon and Hades because of the outcome of the dice game.


In Hindu culture, Lakshmi was considered the goddess of wealth and prosperity. She was so highly regarded within the Hindu culture that many still pray to her today. Plus, she is not only a significant goddess in the Hindu religion but in Buddhism and Jainism as well.

No doubt that she has established herself as a significant character within the culture. Lakshmi is the eternal consort of Vishnu who is considered the most important god of Hinduism. Her origins are out of the primordial ocean, as it is believed that her rise was a sign of good fortune. Within the faith, it is believed that she can bring great luck to the gambler, but she is also one to bring disaster upon those she feels have earned it.


Macuilxochitl is an Aztec god who is considered the deity of gambling. He is one of five gods who make up a group responsible for excess and indulgence. In Aztec culture, five is considered the number of excess, so it is not surprising that he would be grouped with the five.

The name Macuilxochitl means “five flower,” and every one of the gods within this group has a name that begins with the number five. What this tells the gambler is that they should not only pray to this Aztec god but also consider the number five to be the number of luck.


Gefion is a Norse goddess who is the patron of virgins. She also is the goddess who brings great luck and fortune to those who trust in her. Mythology says that she is the creator of the great Swedish lakes. While not as highly acclaimed, she has established her prominence within the Norse religions.

Whether praying to any one of these gods is going to help you is up for debate. However, there are still those praying to some of these gods or goddesses today hoping that they will bring about good fortune. When you are gambling, every edge counts.

So before gambling, what are the gods you pray to bring you luck? More on Strange Sounds.

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