Extended winter, widespread floods, raging wildfires, damaged crops, zombie tropical storms and record hurricane downfalls for latest weather anomalies


Extended winter, widespread floods, raging wildfires, damaged crops, zombie tropical storms and record hurricane downfalls for September.

Excessive monsoon rains continued breaking records, affecting millions of people across South and East Asia. September used to bring clear weather with less chance of rain and more pleasant temperatures… but we are seeing quite the opposite: heavy floods, cold and unseasonable snow.

Subtropical storm Alpha, which barreled along the Portuguese coast and through some parts of Spain, was the first event of its kind to be registered since weather records began. Entire beaches were consumed by rapid rises in sea levels, coastal areas got heavy floods and winds of up to 100km/h were registered in some inland locations.

Over 100 were rescued and 500,000 residents were left without power as Hurricane Sally brought down power lines in parts of Florida and Alabama. Insurance companies have put the costs of damage in the Gulf Coast region between $1 billion and $3 billion. And while the Gulf Coast was still recovering from Sally, tropical storm Beta caused flash flooding in the coasts of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

If hurricane Delta had hit the US Gulf Coast, this hurricane season would break the record for the most land falling named systems in the US in a single year, surpassing the historic 2005 season, which had seven.

In Asia, tropical Storm Noul caused widespread damage in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand, thousands were displaced and at least 10 died.

And Istanbul, Turkey got a destructive combo this month with severe hailstorm, heavy rains, a waterspout and flash floods.

Winter is becoming the ‘new normal’. Autumn in the Northern hemisphere and Spring in the southern are giving way to colder temperatures and unseasonable snow.

September has left fresh snow in the Dolomites, Pyrenees and up in Scandinavia; early snow in Russia, and China, as well as in the US and Canada. And late snowfalls in Australia and New Zealand. Snow has been falling in areas where it’s not usually seen.

Many counties around the world reported massive crop losses from floods, hail, snow and even volcano ashes this month. Governments are paying too much attention to an imaginary enemy not seeing the elephant wreaking havoc in the room.

Beached whales and dolphins, as well as mass dead birds continue to increase, something that could point out to a magnetic pole shift and waning magnetosphere, another consequence of the solar minimum.

All this and more in our SOTT Earth Changes Summary for September 2020:

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