40 bald eagles attack car in Alaska (video)

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What happens when you leave your pick up outside a supermarket, and have a few fish in the back? In Alaska it gets mobbed by an angry hungry flock of monster bald eagles. Picture: Chris Murphy

That is an old story that somebody just sent over because he couldn’t find it on the site.

Yeah… Look at these hungry bald eagles having a feasting party on a pickup truck laden with fresh fish.

There were so many of these birds of prey that police were called in to break up the gathering.

The 40 ravenous birds were feasting on bags of fish fillets stored in the bed of the vehicle.

Even the car alarms didn’t help to frighten them. However, when the police officer turned on his sirens, the sound scared off some of them.

Drivers were able to get into their cars and the unlucky owner of the pickup truck also managed to go away without being injured.

Crows engulfed the sky over Washington State in April 2020:

Can you imagine your truck being attacked by hungry eagles like that? OMG, no… Please no! More strange phenomena on KTOO, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Raptors get extremely hungry when weather gets cold. I’ve had owls dive at me when I caught them killing my chickens. Their metabolism speeds up in the cold, and when raptors get hungry, they get rangey. I had an owl fly inside my house, and into my bedroom, landed on my pillow. Lol, fed the big girl 7 mice, and she was much happier. You can see their eyes get more hungry as they gobble down the food too. Pretty neato. Also, owls breed around December through February around here. You have to do foot patrols outside to protect your ducks. Otherwise, you end up with a mess. Owls will even wade into my pond to get at them. They get super hungry when babies are in the nest. I had seven owl attacks in one night.

    Now, my labrador is doing foot patrol duty. I can let her out, and she scares them off. Dogs usually are the best way to manage the issue.

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