This is how your eye looks like after a keratoprosthesis

keratoprosthesis, how is it after a keratoprosthesis how does your eye looks like after a keratoprosthesis
An cyborg eye after keratoprosthesis. Picture via Reddit

Yeah!!! Like a cyborg!

Keratoprosthesis is the surgical procedure during which a diseased cornea is replaced with an artificial cornea.

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  1. Also my interest in Georges eye was instigated by a surgery I had in Dec 1979 I was in jump school in the Carolinas and one of the DIs noticed that I wore glasses.
    He asked what teh hell was I doing in jump school ? You can’t have glasses.
    So they sent me over to teh eye doctors he measured my vision and said F–K your a wash out.
    I asked what the hell can I do.
    That doc sent me to Lackland AFB in Texas to take part in “experimental treatment for vision correction” it was called radial Kerotonomy or RK for short.
    They mount blades in a fixture then struck your cornea with the blades it cuts radial lines in teh cornea.
    As it heals the scar tissue deforms your cornea to act as a contact lens.
    This has the effect of leaving visible translucent lines in a radial pattern around your cornia just outside of center of vision. The lines are so accurately spaced that I began using them as a que to more accurately judge length and distance.
    This RK technology matured into lasix used today.
    However for 20 years I had distinct visible lines on my cornea now after 40 they are completely faded.
    Here are some pictures of what it looks like.

  2. in 2007 I met a guy named George Breed he is a friend of the Mariot family and the Huntsman family. He is a man of means. I introduced myself and began speaking with him after I noticed his Ocular implant in his left eye. He had just had it installed a few days before.
    The implant was a lens assembly that moved behind his natural iris. Kind of like a miniature zoom lens. His natural lens had been removed but the iris and cornea was intact. The implant was mounted to the inside surface of is eye and suspended in a synthetic vitreous humor.
    It was to correct macula issues he was having.
    I new that his eye was experimental and that he had invested a large amount with teh local surgeon to help bring the technology forward.
    This technology has to have advanced by now wish we had not gone the socialist route in the 2000s so that more of these fringe technologies could have found marketplace in the USA.

    With insurance agencies and dim witted Bureaucracy ruining our health industry we are missing out on decades of advancement and unfortunately going under the yoke of slavery by medical malpractice.

    Although the image above looks like a theatrical contact lens it is nice to think that some advance might ioof been made. This lens is the state of the art in adaptive optics.×353.jpg
    Her is a video of Georges eye implants

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