First 6G satellite launched in space – the next wireless technology seems even more dangerous than 5G

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China launches world’s first 6G satellite into orbit. Picture: Smart Cities World

After 5G comes 6G – the sixth generation of mobile Internet technology.

But, right now, it’s still unclear what 6G will be, as the telecom industry hasn’t yet decided on the specifications for the network.

Predictions say 6G will be rolled out in around 2030 to replace 5G. There is even one university already working on it, although the new technology is only a concept – a 6 and a G.

So, what China’s “world’s first 6G” satellite in space really means?

So if 6G is just a theory at this point, it’s a bit of nonsense to call what China have just launched “6G.” However, the satellite they have just launched is still exciting as it could boost data speeds dramatically.

The higher speeds in this case are achieved through the use of terahertz waves – a spectrum of radio frequencies at a much higher frequency range than anything we’ve used so far for communication.

This new wireless technology would require us to modify or replace equipment we use to send data at speeds of up to 1Tps.

6G needs more masts for higher frequency radio waves

5G uses higher frequency radio waves (around 28 and 39 GHz) to carry data which have higher capacity than previous cellular networks (700 MHz and 3 GHz).

As we are seeing with 5G, 6G will need new infrastructure and thus massive investments.

Indeed, due to the shorter wavelengths using 6G, the range is lower and signals have to be carried by many more smaller phone masts in order to transmit the data.

So more masts, more radiation at even higher frequency than 5G. I don’t know for you, but 6G feels like hell to me! More new technology news on IFLS, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  2. Even 4G can be harmful. Mike Adams has some serious articles on 5G.
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  3. There will be also 7 G and already we have LIFI which all lights becomes internet ?
    Thanks a lot Strange sounds for the article. Well when the lights goes off is kill switch for all internet.

  4. I don’t want any 5G, or 6G. Take that crap, and shove it. Same for the demonic vaccine peddlers. Die already!

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