Fox News Sucks


Hey hey hey!

The Trump supporters in Phoenix chanted “Fox News Sucks.

Yes it is actually true! ‘Fox News Sucks.’

Here a list of the best alternative media around.

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  1. Covid-19 pandemic has made World War III ‘a risk’, UK defence chief General Sir Nick Carter says

    The economic fallout during the coronavirus pandemic has made the prospect of World War III “a risk”, the UK’s most senior military commander has said.

    General Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of the Defence Staff, said Britain and the rest of the world would need to “learn” from history and the international missteps that led to the previous world wars in the last century given the uncertainties caused by Covid-19.

    Sir Nick made the comments when asked by Sky News in the run up to Remembrance Sunday whether he feared the global economic crisis brought on by Covid-19 could lead to war.
    He told the Sophy Ridge On Sunday programme there was a worry that the increase in regional conflicts playing out across the world could ramp up into “a full-blown war”, mirroring the run-up to the two world wars in the 20th century when a series of alliances between countries led to years of bloodshed.

    The senior official argued that, with the world being “a very uncertain and anxious place” during the pandemic, there was the possibility “you could see escalation lead to miscalculation”.

    “We have to remember that history might not repeat itself but it has a rhythm and if you look back at the last century, before both world wars, I think it was unarguable that there was escalation which led to the miscalculation which ultimately led to war at a scale we would hopefully never see again,” said Sir Nick.
    Also News Black outs about yesterday Trump supporters demonstrations nation wide. Fox News sucks indeed?

  2. ran Nuclear Deal, Scrapped By Donald Trump Needs To Be Renewed – Tehran On Biden/Harris Victory

    Published 1 day ago

    on November 8, 2020

    By AA


    The announcement of Joe Biden beating Donald Trump in the hotly contested US election has drawn mixed reactions in Iran. Soon after US media declared Biden the winner, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei took to Twitter to downplay its effect on US policy toward Iran and the region.

    Indian Army Spotted Using French Armored Vehicles In Kashmir For Anti-Terror Operations

    Published 16 hours ago

    on November 8, 2020

    By EurAsian Times Desk

    Indian news outlet operating from Jammu and Kashmir – Greater Kashmir revealed that the nation’s paramilitary forces have deployed the famous Sherpa armored vehicles in the region.
    Pakistani People Reject Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine; Another Polio Like Situation In The Making?

    Published 3 days ago

    on November 6, 2020

    By Younis Dar


    Despite multiple requests from doctors and government officials, Pakistan is struggling to find volunteers for its part of a multi-country Phase 3 clinical trial of a Chinese vaccine against the new Coronavirus.

    After Rafale Jets, India Quietly Working With France To Acquire Stealth Submarines In A Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

    “Hospitals … have been facing difficulties in recruiting volunteers for the trials because of the flood of misinformation, mainly on social media,” a senior official at the National Institute of Health (NIH), a government-run research body, told Nikkei Asia on condition of anonymity.

    A Chinese pharmaceutical company is collaborating with Pakistan’s National Institute of Health (NIH) in conducting clinical trials of its Covid-19 vaccine, the final phase of which approved by the country in September.

    The single-dose vaccine candidate, termed as Ad5-nCoV, is co-developed by CanSino Biologics, a Tianjin-based Chinese vaccine company, and the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, a Chinese military-backed research arm.
    World War 3 is reshaping our world!

  3. No one shows Protests in mnay states specially what is going on , they say everything is okay no one is the streets from both sides.
    We are so sorry we witnessing queen of London what did to USA for second time?

  4. Just 2 weeks ago they and Hannity were good faith reporting cast.
    Counts are lowered and no landslide for the incumbent. So now they are depicted as frauds because the projected number counts were still in process?

  5. This is a classic example of infiltration and subversion by the left.
    In 2016 Roger Ailes CEO of FOX stepped down because of an organized attack started by Gretchen Carlson.
    She is a self avowed fan of Virginia Wolf and broke her contract by not seeking internal solution at Fox to her claim but instead started a public organization to remove Alies.
    If you look at the career path of Gretchen Carlson see went on to remove the swim suit competition from Miss America.
    This kind of activism indicates an insecurity that is pathological in nature. The idea that a beauty contest would omit the beauty of the human body as a metric is aberrant.

    At that point what the left saw as the most effective conservative voices have been targeted for removal and silencing at Fox.
    While the left raged against Fox most conservatives stopped watching Fox programming with the exception of Tucker Carlson and Sean Hanity.
    FOX has not been a reliable source since the dismissal of Bill Orielly and the installation of Suzanne Scott as CEO.

    If you notice FOX always leads with the lefts narrative in rebuttal and seldom asserts conservative proactive mindset.
    It is mocking bird controlled opposition.

    Just like Drudge it has been subverted for the purpose of misinforming the public.
    Responding to the lefts narrative or any narrative provides legitimacy to the statements and arguments it is a common tactic to cheat by subversion in a public debate.

    If you can compromise ONE individual of your opponents debate teem you can leverage teh debate.

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