Massive peat slide at Co Donegal bog (video)

Massive peat slide at Co Donegal bog video, Massive peat slide at Co Donegal bog video ireland, Massive peat slide at Co Donegal bog video november 2020
Massive peat slide at Co Donegal bog. Picture via Twitter video

Look at the dramatic video below!

Yes, that’s a crazy landslide resulting from peat slippage at a bog in Co Donegal, Ireland.

The video show trees being swept away as tonnes of peat slipped downhill near Meenbog Wind Farm (Invis Energy), close to Ballybofey and the Co Tyrone border.

Invis Energy, owner of the Meenbog wind farm, confirms that a peat slippage occurred at the site. There is no risk to public health. We are working with the relevant authorities to fully address the matter. We are grateful to the local community for their continued support.

Thousands of tons of peat and conifer trees potentially entering the Mournebeg River would be “a catastrophe for spawning salmon and trout.” And what about the drinking water?

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  1. Sometimes the bogs have mumified pagans in them. Saw a picture a while back. Looked like the mumified heathen was wearing a leather noose around the neck. Probably a human sacrifice or some ritual killing.

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