The wind was so strong in Toronto that it caused the ground to shake – enough to be picked up by seismometers

Record-breaking winds shake ground, send debris flying in Ontario Canada, Record-breaking winds shake ground, send debris flying in Ontario Canada video, wind storm ontario, wind storm toronto
Record-breaking winds shake ground, send debris flying in Ontario, Canada. Picture via TWN

Ontario was swept by furious and damaging winds Sunday, courtesy of a potent Colorado low.

The hurricane force gusts were strong enough to cause ground shaking in Toronto that were picked up by the local seismometer.

Yes! An unusual signal were captured on the sensitive seismographs placed along the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto.

The wind speed was strong enough to be tracked on the data plot from the output of the seismometer Sunday evening,” explains Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

Record-breaking winds and flooding

Unprecedented wind speeds for November were measured throughout the day, with a 118 km/h (73 mph) at Toronto Island and an extravagant 141 km/h (88 mph) gust in St. Catharines (both new all-time records for the month of November).

The wind blast also triggered flooding along shorelines and a flood warning was issued for Lake Erie.

The Port Stanley Buoy in Lake Erie recorded waves of 4.7 metres (15.4 feet).

More than 230,000 had lost their power at the peak of the wind storm, Sunday evening.

Here some more videos and pictures of the coastal flooding during this insane storm:

More extreme weather phenomena on The Weather Network, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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