Goblin hints at ‘Planet X’ and will lead us to Planet Nine

astronomers discover Goblin far beyond Pluto which could lead us to the discovery of Planet X (Planet Nine)
Astronomers discover Goblin far beyond Pluto which could lead us to the discovery of Planet X (Planet Nine). Picture: Carnegie

Astronomers have just discovered ‘Goblin’, an extremely distant object billions of miles beyond Pluto.

The scientists argue that the newly discovered object The object has an orbit that hints at an even-farther-out “Super-Earth” or larger “Planet X.”

The new object, 2015 TG387 (dubbed Goblin), is a 200-mile-wide rock which is about 7.9 billion miles from the sun (2.5x as far away from the sun as Pluto). 

The Goblin was found during the largest and deepest survey astronomy’s hunt for unknown dwarf planets and Planet X, an as-yet-undiscovered world that could have a mass about 10 times that of Earth.

What makes this result really interesting is that Planet X seems to affect 2015 TG387 the same way as all the other extremely distant solar system objects.

These simulations do not prove that there’s another massive planet in our solar system, but they are further evidence that something big could be out there. 

Hopefully, this distant object will lead us to Planet X. More space news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle

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