SOTT earth changes summary for October 2020 (video)

sott video
sott earth change video for october 2020

I love the SOTT earth changes summary videos coming each month.

Here again, October 2020 was full of extreme weather phenomena from early snow and temperature records to giant hail, furious wildfires, deadly floods, powerful volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and amazing meteor fireballs.

Now enjoy the video below and always get prepared and be ready for the next extreme weather events that could hit without warning your home sweet home!

If interested in more, you can find the Earth changes’ summary for September 2020 here:

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  1. Apostate Christianity + state will enforce worldwide false worship claiming that this decree will halt the climate change (a day for the planet to rest) and God’s wrath on earth, when in reality its the increase of breaking His commandments is the root cause. Jesus never forced anyone to follow Him.

  2. I’m seeing the same weather appropriate for Fall in the mountains. Cold, snow, windy, and sunshine mid 50°.

    I do not see anything dramatically different. In the middle of an interior remodel too. So, no heat from woodburning stove. Inside temperature at 0600hrs., is 44°. Outside temperature 20°. Inside my room with propane space heater is 68°.

    Same as usual.

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