Texit? Make Texas independent again in 2020

texit, texas secession, texas secession referendum 2020
Is Texas going to leave the US in 2020? New recession referendum in December 2020. Picture via ABC

A state lawmaker intends to introduce a “Texit” referendum next month…

Although experts say seeing it through is all a moot point in 2020 everything is possible… Even becoming an independant nation!

So good luck Rep. Kyle Biedermann of Fredricksburg in his efforts to call for a referendum to leave the U.S.

The federal government is out of control and does not represent the values of Texans.

That is why I am committing to file legislation this session that will allow a referendum to give Texans a vote for the State of Texas to reassert its status as an independent nation.

Texas secession history

The legality of seceding is problematic. The Civil War played a very big role in establishing the power of the federal government and cementing that the federal government has the final say in these issues.

Texas became an independent nation in 1836 and remained that way until its admission into the Union in 1845.

Texas left the United States on Feb. 1, 1861, when Gov. Sam Houston refused to swear allegiance to the Confederate States of America.

After the Civil War and Reconstruction of the 1860s, Texas was fully re-admitted into the Union in 1870.

Since then, there’s been no shortage in another secession debate.

Daniel Miller secession idea

Meanwhile, Daniel Miller is promoting the idea of secession for 20 years:

Texans are tired of living under 180,000 pages of federal laws, rules, and regulations administered by 440 separate agencies and 2.5 million unelected bureaucrats. If all federal laws, rules, and regulations were printed out and stacked, it would be taller than the San Jacinto Monument.

So do you think Texas should leave the US and become an independent nation, again? More secession news on ABC, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Great if you’re 20 and have never paid into Medicare…great if you are a poor person who has no money in the bank. But, a piece of crap if you have saved. The Republic of Texas will tell you that you don’t qualify for medical care. Everything looks great if you’re AOC. We retirees intend to die WITH HEALTHCARE as American citizens.

  2. Make sure they use paper ballots, Voter ID, hand counting, and actual protections for maintaining election integrity, and don’t let Democrats anywhere near the process of running the election. The DNC and the Federal Govt will do everything in their power to prevent anyone from getting free from their grip, and I’m guaranteeing that they would use force. This is an interesting discussion, because it gets down to the very concept of “democratic” forms of government, self determination, freedom, and natural rights, which are all antithetical to “Liberalism”, Socialism and Communism.

  3. Texas could be one of the Worlds top 5 economies. It has no income tax. If it were to institute a corporate income tax with a maximum of 10 percent, many corporations would choose to leave the states they are in for Texas. Elimination of all welfare programs could send the recipients to the other side of our border and eliminate a huge burden on productive members of society. I would welcome the departure from the corrupt government we have. As a nation we should also ban facebook, google, twitter, the NBA, MLB, the NFL. Let them leave the state for other areas with their agenda and ties to the ccp. There will need to be several entities and their subordinates as well as parent companies and associates banned from entering or doing business in Texas. Any other states that wish to join need to be vetted prior to being allowed to do so.

  4. Texas is the only state that entered the Union by treaty (an agreement). Legally speaking, when two parties make a treaty and one breaks the terms of the treaty, the other is no longer bound by it. The U.S. Goverenment broke the treaty by permitting non-citizens and foreign nations to illegally vote in National elections. This is now well documented and Texas is released from the Treaty of Annexation.

    Texas has its own gold reserves, a ground, air, and naval militia reporting only to the governor (not the Federal Govt.) with headquarters at Camp Mabry, Austin. We can do very well on our own and be rid of the now-Marxist U.S. Government.

  5. I read somewhere once that Florida, New York, Illinois, Texas, California and Washington are the only states that are sustainable as their own Republics or Nations away from the United States.

    I happen to live in Florida, and have watched this state go from solid Republican to Democrat. I have lived here since 1984. It’s a sorry sight to see and I would love if Florida decided to join Texas and all the other Constitutional, law abiding states to rid ourselves of the tyranny of the Jackass party.

    However, I can’t see it happening. Would we kick out the donkeys from our states? How would we go about that? There are too many keyboard warriors who won’t do anything. The disparity between the two parties are too great to meet in the middle, anymore.

    As Patrick Henry said, “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death.”

    I fear we will have to make a choice soon when they force vaccines on us.

  6. Seems like other websites are reporting on this too. This seems like time for triggering the Insurrection Act of 1807. Why let this explode into a worse scenario?

  7. On top of that, other COUNTRIES have trade deals and such with Texas alone, without federal intervention, so getting our own supply lines isn’t hard. We can also make a good chunk of our own supplies, and ironically Texas DOES have it’s own military separate from the USA. It’s called the Texas State Militia. We also have a naval sector.

  8. Secession is never problematic. Especially when every warehouse in the republic can be turned into an ammo factory 🙂

  9. Well there is something going in as well,. They want us break ths union and make USA 51 Nations? We must be alerted and do not lett hem take away our union by any means? Trump supporter was bombed , that is nasty and against all human rights charters.
    We do condemn any act of terrorism against any one in USA.
    We must look for similiarities, No to Shariah Law , so we all agree. We want good happiness for all Americaans. Agree. So on Political, Racial , Religious differences should be not disuniting us indeed. Let us look for similiarities such as Vaccines all of us here say no to Vaccines? Start and as we go forward differences always there. I am 6.2 and you migt be 5.6 so what . We all are friends always. Differences is always there.

  10. The Republic of Texas was a free standing sovereign nation when it joined the USA by treaty.
    The failure of several states to follow the US constitution breaks the treaty with the Republic of Texas, No succession is necessary.
    The gulf states adjoining Texas own 70% of the worlds mineral energy reserve, they have their own treasury and gold deposit. Adjoining counties can join the Republic of Texas by simple majority county vote.
    Similar to the recent offer of West Virginia to accept Virginia counties into the State of West Virginia.
    The underlying structure of the United States is a republic of equals bound by a constitution into a pact of the population, the authority to form and operate a government above the States is strictly confined to the consent of the governed. This government is formed to assist in the management of common interest in the pursuit of benefit to the population, when a government develops that is not in benefit of the population it will and must be disbanded.

    The behavior of the people of this country who have chosen to allow a foreign entity to make or have rule in this country is not to the benefit of the population and is simply treason.
    The behavior and actions of the American Nation if in conflict with the government of the USA the government has formed without authority and is nullified by it’s existence. When required the armed citizens of America have the duty to cast off this despotic construct.

  11. Revolution before secession. Marxists satanist dirtbags will get their ass whooped before they ruin America. 90,000,000 Patriots that like their 2nd Ammendment vs. Pajama wankers, that hate our Constitution, and inalienable God-given rights.

    No contest.

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