It sounded like a train: Deadly tornado wreaks havoc in coastal North Carolina while another extremely dangerous twister destroys homes in Damascus, Georgia (videos, pictures and maps)

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At least three people were found dead early Tuesday after a tornado tore through a seaside town in North Carolina at the rough edge of a blast of winter weather across the United States. Picture via Brunswick County Sherriff’s Office


At least three people were found dead and ten others injured early Tuesday after a tornado tore through a seaside town in North Carolina at the rough edge of a blast of winter weather across the United States.

The sky lit up and there was a lot of pop-pop-popping. And the loud thunder. And then it sounded like a train, a freight train coming through. The roar of a freight train. That’s when all the damage occurred.



I heard my dog was kind of whimpering and I got up and went in to see her. And all of a sudden I just started hearing the rumbling, like they say, the train getting louder and louder,” reported a resident.



The tornado hit just before midnight Monday, ripping open homes, flipping cars and uprooting trees in Ocean Isle Beach, a golf course community in Brunswick County, N.C..



Photos distributed by the sheriff’s office showed first responders walking through a debris field of uprooted trees and crumpled piles of boards and bricks in the golf course community.



It caused “a lot of destruction. It’s going to be a long recovery process,” Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram told reporters.



Mark Willis, meteorologist in charge for the National Weather Service’s office in nearby Wilmington, said the same cold front bringing freezing temperatures, ice and snow from Canada to Mexico created conditions favorable to tornadoes in North Carolina, where it pushed up against a warm front from the Gulf of Mexico.

Tornado devastation in Damascus, Georgia

Just a few hours before, the National Weather Service reported an “extremely dangerous tornado” in Southwest Georgia, which caused at least one injury.



Reports say significant damage has been done to a double-wide mobile home and a single-family home near Damascus.



tornado warnings below:


Meanwhile, millions of people are currently without power amid subfreezing temperatures across the US.

The massive winter storm has overwhelmed a Southwestern power grid and immobilized the Southern Plains.



It is now carrying heavy snow and freezing rain eastward, with bad weather spreading through into New England and the Deep South.

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  1. We get the extra large dust devil mini tornados sometimes. You can even hear those a quarter mile away.

    I had my archery target bale get exploded, and my archery target flew up into the sky about 200+ yards. Sends small gravel into your face hard too. Been around two tornados, and it is very surreal. The old tornado chaser videos give you a good idea of it, but being in it—is more tactile feeling.

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