Mount Etna terrifying paroxysm eruption spews lava fountains into the sunset sky in Italy (videos)

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Etna eruption on February 15, 2021. Picture via Youtube video

Mount Etna, the ancient volcano located in Sicily, Italy, was filmed spewing lava to the sky on Monday.

Watch the dark orange lava can be seen shooting out of the top of Mount Etna and dripping down its sides.

And today, the apocalypse!

According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the eruption came from the south east crater, with activity from the other craters, too.

Volcanic tremors started to increase in the early hours of Monday before a more significant increase was recorded in the afternoon at around 4pm. Meanwhile, a gradual decrease in the explosive activity has been reported.

But a few hours ago, the active volcano reached paroxysm or short, violent bursts of activity, including volcanic tremors, ash emissions, and lava flows around the summit.

Previous eruptions over the years have destroyed cable cars, buried houses, threatened villages, and injured journalists, though many people still choose to live near the volcano.

Etna is Europe’s most active volcano, and has been recorded erupting frequently over the past months.

The two latest explosions occurred less than a week ago:

And about a month ago… And watch the amazing pictures here!

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  1. Italy is beautiful. Went to the Tivoli Gardens, and ruins of Hadrian.

    Same as any beautiful place, people will gamble and live in places like these which have cataclysmic dangers. Not me. Lived through many different disasters, and I am sick of ’em.

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