Apocalyptic floods in Paraguay, Indonesia and Germany (videos)

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Floods in February 2021.

In Paraguay, 10 people have died in floods and landslides triggered by heavy rain over the last few days.

Some central areas saw 500mm more than normal during January.

The level of the Paraguay River Asunción has risen 1.98 metres over the last 7 days.

Recent flooding in East and Central Java Provinces of Indonesia have affected around 25,000 people. At least 1 was reported dead and several other missing.

Flood water was up to 1.3 metres deep in some areas.

A tiny community in western Germany was cut off Wednesday by the flooded Rhine River, while authorities cautioned that continued rain and melting snow could cause further problems in many regions.

Shipping traffic on the Rhine in the Cologne area has been stopped.

Flood warnings for multiple other rivers, primarily in western and southern Germany.

Any floods in your area? Bew ready or get prepared!

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  1. Soon enough the Apocalypse is coming for all the demon seeds. People need to repent, Nations need to repent. They won’t though.

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