Did you see this strange cigar-shaped object hovering motionless above California?

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Cigar-shaped UFO sighted across California

Similar sightings have been reported in abundance in previous years, with conspiracy theorists having eagerly engaged in speculation about what kind of creatures could be operating the gigantic oblongish objects.

Californians have spotted a cigar-shaped craft hovering in the sky above the state, akin to previous, similarly-shaped “UFOs” earlier seen in the area.

The puzzling footage showing a rather long dark object emerged on YouTube on January 31, 2021, under the caption “UFO over the Pacific” and instantly drew a slew of responses.

This is not a UFO but a flying cigar,” one viewer wrote under the video shared by Antoni ENKI, with another apparently being lost for words over the sight of the enigmatic structure remaining motionless in the air for some time.

Intriguing,” the netizen posted.

As featured in my yesterday’s newsletter, a similar cigar-shaped UFO was captured over Popocatepetl last month. Here’s the video:

In January again, YouTuber Donald Sanders shared a 40-second recording of what seemed to be a similar “craft” in the night sky, while last year, such objects were seen in the US state more than once.

Some suggested the intriguing sighting was caused by the reflection of the videographer’s light bulbs, while others tended to believe the alien theory instead.

The explanation deemed as the most plausible one, however, is that these objects are in fact huge blimps. Yet it hasn’t stopped multiple conspiracy theories on the subject from pouring in. And conspiracies are always based on facts!


  1. Can’t be an alien craft, for haven’t nasa, seti and astro-whatevers told us umpteen times that there’s no such thing/s. Millions have full disclosure, having opened theyfly dot com of 1700 face to face recorded chats with several human ets since 1943, they on a now completed many 1000 year mission to Earth.

  2. So, people who dare to speculate what this may be are conspiracy theorists. Do you even know what the word conspiracy is? If you did, you would have chosen a better descriptor. The conspiracy theorists term is the cheap, glib, stupid go-to to describe people who are trying to think intelligently (as much as they can) outside the box.

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