How is that even possible?

mysterious plumbing incident in Manchester video
Mysterious plumbing incident in Manchester captured on video. Picture via Instagram video

Now, what is going on here?

This mysterious plumbing incident happened at around 2a.m. local time in Manchester, UK on February 1, 2021.

Some living in the same apartment building reported the exact same phenomenon:

Omg I live in the same apartment block and same thing happened to us! Ours was not nearly as bad though

Man, I hope you were able to clean that mess. Better idea, to make the most out of this terribly bad situation I hope you had a great foam bath in it.

To my knowledge, it is still unknown what created this crazy plumbing phenomenon. More on Instagram.

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  1. The man upstairs from me was taking a bubble bath couple years ago and this happened to me, though not to this extreme..A man liking bath bombs – go figure. He overran the tub and backed up my toilet all at once..Smelled nice though..

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