Smoke coming out of the ground around Mount Makiling, a dormant volcano in the Philippines, prompts fears of awakening and eruption

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Smoke comes out of the ground near Mount Makiling volcano

Officials of Los Baños, Laguna are on high alert after smoke was reportedly seen comming out of the ground in the area around Mount Makiling on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

A Facebook post by the municipal government of Los Baños — a town about 60 kilometers south of Metro Manila — said Mayor Tony Kalaw visited Lakewood Subdivision in Barangay Tadlac after residents reported smoke coming out of the ground. The subdivision is located in the foothills of Mount Makiling.

The local government of Los Baños reached out to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology to investigate the situation.

Mount Makiling is indeed a dormant volcano, with no history of recorded eruptions, although there are traces of volcanic activity, including the presence of hot springs in the area.

Makiling is currently classified as “potentially active” by Phivolcs on their website.

And in their answer, the institution actually replied: “Makiling is NOT an active volcano. Steaming is from hotsprings. Hot springs are normally found in volcanoes.

But why did the residents freaked out? Why did they report this underground steaming if it is so normal in the region. I mean I would not get scared about ‘smoking ground’ if I was experiencing it every day.

So the reason is pretty straightforward: This was one of first times they witnessed smoke coming out of the ground. And this is probably a sign of increasing volcanic activity, isn’t it? Let’s have an eye on this volcano!

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  1. Mount Pinatubo was classified then as an inactive volcano. When it erupted, Philvocs suddenly re-classified all the volcanoes in the Philippines. There is now the term “potential active” volcano.

  2. Well, hot springs do that. Some of them smell of sulphur. Still, probably should keep an eye on the volcano. Seems like many are popping off lately.

    Duterte would probably go kick the volcano’s ass. Everyone talks crap about him, but I like it when he gets pissed off.

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