3 Ways to Focus on Your Health and Wellbeing

3 ways to increase your health and wellbeing
3 ways to increase your health and wellbeing. Picture via Zen

As life goes by, we tend to get involved in so many mundane things that before we know it time flies by and our lives seem like an endless blur. Instead of getting up in the morning refreshed and having time for a nice breakfast, we’re immediately faced with a mountain of daily tasks and demands.

There’s a constant tug of war between a long to do list at work, family responsibilities and trying to grab a few minutes of precious personal time.

In order to succeed you need to put your nose to the grindstone. In reality, society is perfectly happy to grind your being, body and soul down if you serve its interests.

Choices are important in life, especially at a time like this. With the pandemic it’s vitally important that you keep life in balance and look out for your own health and wellbeing.

You need to make a conscious effort to prepare wholesome meals and take supplements that keep your immune system healthy.

It’s also time to step off the constantly spinning hamster wheel and put you and your loved one first. Find time to relax, unwind and enjoy life with those who truly matter.

Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety with Medical Marijuana

Many people around the world have high stress levels and chronic anxiety. When the pandemic arrived, their stress levels soared. Even those who haven’t had anxiety often began reporting being anxious and very worried and depressed.

Fortunately, natural therapies like medical marijuana can provide relief from stress and help you cope with your rising levels of anxiety.

If you live in New Jersey, it’s possible to take advantage of the beneficial properties of medical marijuana by following a few simple steps. You can go online you can get your medical marijuana card in New Jersey in minutes. The process is fast and easy, and you only have to pay if you are approved.

Spend Time in Nature

One of the best ways to reduce stress, elevate your immune system, and reduce worry and anxiety is to spend time walking in nature. Nature has a soothing rhythm that restores us to a peaceful state. When our body and mind encounter the peace and gentle presence of the natural realm, we are entrained to this energy.

When we are entrained, we synch up with the natural world and experience deep relaxation as we are restored to peace and calm. After spending months at home, it’s great to go camping in a beautiful place. Going to the ocean or spending time in a forest for a couple of days will wash away all the anxiety that has been built up recently.

There are many spots away from crowds of people where you can boondock, or dry camp, for free.

Sound Healing and Therapy

Sound has been used as form of healing therapy around the world for nearly all of recorded time. Each culture had their own form of sound that was used in ceremonies and for healing purposes too.

In some cases, drums were the primary instrument, while in other locations like Tibet they used singing bowls or bells. Chanting is another form of sound that spans numerous cultures.

The human body is more than half water, with some critical organs and systems having an even higher percent. When you experience the vibration of the bowls or drums, their vibrations flow through the water and cells in our body and restore us to our peaceful and restful state.

Crystal singing bowls, which are mostly pure quartz, can especially be beneficial because they resonate with the crystalline structure of the human body.

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