Avoid these Mistakes when Growing Marijuana

Common mistakes to avoid when growing cannabis plants, avoid mistakes when growing cannabis
Common mistakes to avoid when growing cannabis plants.

Although germination is a natural process, it is impossible to get high-quality yields if a person does not take adequate care of their plants. This is the same for cannabis growing, whether indoors or outdoors. On the other hand, it is critical to avoid some common mistakes that may cause low-quality products.

Knowing what people do wrong can help you plan better for your venture and be successful in the cannabis industry. It is always exciting to undertake new projects, but it is demoralizing when the outcome is not expected. Read on to find out some common practices that negatively impact marijuana growing.

Mistakes to Avoid

Making mistakes is common for human beings. However, it is not right when a person does not learn from it and makes amends later. Here are some mistakes that you need to know about when venturing into marijuana cultivation;

Bad seeds

Growers need to use the right seeds to have the best yields. Although people can find seeds from the products they purchase, they are not the best for growing. The seeds will not have the genetic composition you want. You can find male plant species or those that self-pollinate. It is impossible to find feminized seeds for high-yielding plants.

Since you will be spending your hard-earned cash on components to support growth, it is critical to get the i49 authentic seeds. Also, consider purchasing seeds with the characteristic of a plant you desire. A budtender has the expertise and information to help you in the selection process. Undertake adequate research if the seller does not have adequate information on seed genetics.

Unqualified Soil composition

It is common for people to take any soil from the outdoors and use it for growing marijuana plants. Although the seeds may sprout or not, it is not the best way to go about it. On the contrary, it is vital to know the soil composition and its nutrients. Cannabis may not thrive in the same condition as you cultivate other plants and crops at home.

Nutrients play a critical factor in the plant’s development and how they look upon maturity. It is also a requirement to consider the PH levels to limit the plant’s uptake of soil nutrients. Purchase the components according to the strain you are growing as the needs vary according to the plant species. The soil texture is also important as it gives support to the plant. On the other hand, nutrients, air and water may find it difficult to penetrate if the soil is dense.

Unsuitable conditions

Although cannabis plants are versatile and can extreme climates, it is important to find an optimum atmosphere. During the cultivation process, a grower needs to monitor the climatic conditions. However, it is also something that they need to do before settling on the best place to grow the plant. If the place is too hot or cold, it is improbable that the seeds thrive. The heat will damage the plant, while cold places will inhibit the germination process.

Consider a place with minimum humidity as the moisture may cause molding. The external factors will negatively impact the plant development, and growers need to consider the conditions they subject their plants to. On the other hand, a person can control the conditions better if they are growing it indoors.

Over-use of Nutrients

Whenever you use too much nutrients on a plant, it ends up dying. It is critical to follow the instructions by the manufacturers. However, the amount they recommend can be much higher than what the plant needs. With the standard PH levels, you can monitor if the plant is getting the required nutrients.

The best way to avoid using more or fewer nutrients as required is by getting insights from other growers of similar strains.  There is valuable information a person can gain by talking to other cultivators via physical or virtual meet-ups.


Although water is critical for a plant’s growth, it can’t survive if they get too much of it. Overwatering is risky as the plant may die. It does not mean that the plant will degrade if it comes in contact with too much water at one time. The fete happens when a grower engages in frequent plant watering. It is advisable to water the plants when they need it.

It is simple to identify if the plant needs watering or not by immersing one finger into the ground. Whenever you find soil sticking to the finger due to wetness, do not water the plant again. However, when the soil feels dry, it is vital to water the place.

Poor lighting

Light is essential for plants to grow, and it is not enough to place your growing pot near the window when growing cannabis seeds. On the contrary, consider lighting the place artificially if there is limited lighting across the room. There are different lighting modes to consider as you can find articles on what you can use indoors. The challenge may be minimal if you are growing the plant outside in the garden to access sunlight.

The plant’s strength and its yields will greatly depend on the plant getting enough light as it grows.


Even though it is legal to cultivate marijuana in the United States of America, it is vital to keep your venture private. People can take advantage of stealing the plants, or the neighbors might give you a headache. You do not want to do all the hard work, and then another person takes the harvest. It is also critical to protect your investment.

Therefore, avoid growing them in areas where they are visible to the public. Do not tag photos on social media platforms with your home address, as it may alert the public. Also, filter the aroma from the plants as it is easily detectable to the neighbors. Have a high fence if you are living close to your neighbors.


Making mistakes should help you learn. However, consider the above common practices that may hinder you from achieving the best yields and quality of cannabis products.

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