Some of the Most Magnificent Footballers Ever

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best footballer ever

Getting to mention the greatest players ever to play football is never easy. This is because everyone always a list that they believe to be true. In this article, we will not create a list but rather mention some of the greatest players ever to play the beautiful game.

 Gerd Muller

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Best footballer ever Gerd Mueller

One of the most unique and fascinating Germans to ever grace the football pitch is undoubtedly Gerd Muller. He earned the nickname “the Bomber” due to his magnificent ability to score goals with a lot of ease. Understand that Gerd Muller ranks ninth in the list of all-time goal scorers.

This is so even though he has played fewer games than most of the other players on the list. Some of the most notable achievements that Gerd Muller attained during his playing career include the following:

  • Golden boot at the 1970 FIFA world cup (scored ten goals)
  • World record of the highest number of goals scored in a single world cup. However, the record was broken by Ronaldo in the 2006 world cup
  • Ranked ninth European player of the century in 1999

George Best

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Best footballer ever George Best

George Best was born on May 22, 1946, but unfortunately passed away 59 years later in 2005. He played as a winger or an attacking midfielder. Best is known as one of the greatest players in Northern Ireland. During his stay at Manchester United, he won two league titles and the 1968 European titles. Even though George best was known for his dribbling skills, his life outside the pitch gained most of the media spotlight.

While George best was an excellent footballer, he was also known to binge drink. It was the heavy drinking habit that hugely affected both his personal life and his career. However, when it came to his performance on the pitch, best had no equal. George Best scored a whopping two hundred and five goals as an attacking midfielder after only playing five hundred and seventy-nine games.

Zinedine Zidane

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Best footballer ever Zinedie Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is a French player and coach who is the current coach of Real Madrid CF. He used to play as an attacking midfielder who has excellent ball control, is strong in the air and has exceptional passing skills.

When speaking of football playing tricks, understand that Zidane is one of the players you need to Google and watch how he used to play. From watching videos of the guru play, you will understand why we say he has exceptional ball control.

Likewise, as a student, understand that you can quickly get yourself an affordable pay for essay service online, so long as you have got access to a computer and a steady internet connection. Some of the achievements that Zinedine Zidane realized as a player include the following:

  • Won the 1998 “coupe de monde”
  • Won the 2000 champions league
  • Scored 159 goals after playing almost eight hundred games

Diego Maradona

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Best footballer ever Diego Maradona

Maradona is virtually one of the most renowned footballers in the world today. You can even term how his loyal fans and followers adore him for being somewhat like a religion – “the church of Maradona.” Diego Maradona was born on 30th-10-1960 and sadly passed away on the 25th- nov-2020.

Some consider him the greatest Argentinian footballer. However, there is no doubt that Maradona certainly had a very colorful football career. He had the privilege of setting the world transfer fee record twice and winning a barrage of trophies.

Lionel Messi

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Best footballer ever Lionel Messi

The Barcelona footballer is virtually one of the greatest players of all time. Being the club’s and Argentina’s national team captain, understand that the baller plays a massive role in guiding both outfits. Messi is Fc Barcelona’s all-time goal scorer. Under the player’s guidance, the team has gone to win more than thirty top-tier trophies.

Apart from winning the best footballer of the year trophy six times, he also holds the youngest footballer’s record to score 200 goals in the Spanish La Liga. The hard work that the player puts in is precise for everyone to see. Apart from delivering master class performances day in a day out, being one of the highest-paid football players on the planet is a testimony to the player’s quality.

This article looks at some of the greatest players who have had the opportunity to grace football pitches worldwide. While initially, the aim was to focus on professionals who had already retired, the list did not seem complete without mentioning Lionel Messi. At the moment, Messi is virtually the best player around and whatever he does causes waves around the planet.

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