Polar Spring is from volcanic eruptions globally

polar spring
Polar spring… I was on this ship and we were also blocked by ice…Picture: Nick Cobbing

Media suddenly picks up on the term Polar Spring to explain the abnormal cold and snowfall events happening in March and predicted to last through April.

Much of the cooling is from multiple volcanic eruptions above 40,000 ft across the globe (i.e. Italy, Guatemala, Japan, Russia, and Indonesia).

Ash from volcanic eruptions, together with particulates from meteor ‘smoke’ and wildfire smoke, all jointly contribute to the increased dust-load in the atmosphere.

This changes its electric charge rebalancing mechanisms, producing more intense storms and precipitation in the form of record rainfall, hail, lightning strikes, planetary cooling, atmospheric ‘anomalies’ etc.

Other strangeness is that Monarch Butterflies are down 26% in migration numbers and Arctic Walrus spotted off Ireland and Wales.

Look for delayed planting across the N. Hemisphere. [Youtube]

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  1. With the covid shut downs, political uncertainty, rising costs and delays in growing, food scarcity is becoming a reality. Brace yourselves and pray for good fortune in this new world, things are going to get worse

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