That is pure insanity! Largest review finds 5G is not linked to adverse health risks


Two new large-scale reviews have concluded that 5G is totally safe for use around humans. And that is pure… insanity!

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5g health risks: new technology backed up by science… Isn’t it insane?

In conclusion, a review of all the studies provided no substantiated evidence that low-level radio waves, like those used by the 5G network, are hazardous to human health.said Dr Ken Karipidis, Assistant Director of Assessment and Advice at ARPANSA.

The reviews were conducted by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology, with the first encompassing a huge array of 138 studies that have been conducted into the science of 5G radio waves, and the second reanalyzing 107 studies on their safety. The studies ranged in investigations, with many looking into the cellular effects of 5G and similar frequency radio waves.

Surprisingly, both reviews found that there were no correlations between 5G implementation and adverse health or cellular effects. Those that did show any issues appeared to have fundamental methodological flaws.

Studies that did report biological effects were generally not independently replicated and most of the studies reviewed employed low-quality methods of exposure assessment and control,” said Dr Karipidis.

The authors express a desire for long-term studies to continue to monitor them, as all good science should – but to date, there is absolutely no evidence supporting the absurd claims linked to 5G.

We recommend that future experimental studies improve their design with particular attention to dosimetry and temperature control and that future epidemiological studies continue to monitor long-term health effects in the population related to wireless telecommunications,” he continued.

I think most of these ‘scientists’ did not take into account previous warnings and scientific studies as presented in the following articles and others:

It is not very reassuring that ‘robust’ science backs up a rollout of new technology, easing the minds of many who had serious concerns and wanted assurance… What do you think? [IFLS]

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