Connect the dots… The signs are all over… Expect strong and dangerous quakes around the world… Be prepared!


I have started posting strange irridescent clouds appearing around the world about 2 days ago. Now other sky anomalies are appearing all over the globe… An oarfish even beached in northern Mexico… Now you juste have to connect the dots and get prepared for the next strong quake to come…

earthquake signs get prepared
Signs for a big earthquakes are all around: Iridescent clouds, oarfish and other anomalies… Get prepared for the big one in the coming days…

Well, today, the Kermadek islands in New Zealand were hit by a triplet of superimposed ‘jackhammer quakes’ (2 x M6.6 and 1 x M6.5) that hit within a minute of each others.

Of course, USGS only recorded one of the quakes (M6.5).

Five hours later, a M6.0 earthquake hit the Fiji Region.

M6.5 earthquake followed by M6.0 earthquake april 1 2021
M6.5 earthquake followed by M6.0 earthquake april 1 2021. Map via USGS

As if it was not enough, these earthquake signs keep on popping out around the world…

After Indonesia, something out-of-this-world appeared in the sky over Brazil… Look at that:

And what do you say about this one in Ecuador:

And those again in Indonesia:

And here a beached oarfish – the earthquake fish – found on a beach in northeastern Mexico.

Warnings are all over… You just have to connect the dots… There are clearly signs of more strong earthquakes to come… Be prepared and or get ready…

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  1. THOSE GIRLS IN ALASKA,have been taking pictures of the PLANETS of the NIBIRU MINI SOLAR SYSTEM PASSING OVER THE SKYS UP THERE,and no one can figure out whats happening??.”THE FINAL DAYS”thats their web site,go take a look..THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT GOING TO WARN ANYONE,they would rather be hunted down and TARED AND FEATHERED for taking paychecks and then LIEING to everyone like the USGS does…

  2. Reminds me of this description:
    Rev_10:1  And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire

  3. It’s gonna rain somewhere tomorrow, the sun is gonna shine somewhere tomorrow, something is gonna happen somewhere tomorrow…… the end !!

  4. I have a short video from last october that shows a couple mile wide BLUE streak through the clouds right before sunset. The streak runs east west accross houston and dale counties in southeast alabama. Nobody i have talked to has any idea what would cause it.

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