Taal volcano prepares for its next big blast after 212 earthquakes hit and release large quantities of gas in the Philippines


The Taal Volcano is preparing its next big eruption, said the state-run Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) on Wednesday.

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Taal volcanic eruption in April 2021. Picture by @OGIEALCASID ON INSTAGRAM

Within the last 24 hours, the volcano in Batangas province registered 212 quakes, including 168 tremors with durations one to 20 minutes, and 44 low frequency volcanic earthquakes were recorded.

The volcanic peak also emitted more gas over the past 24 hours – some 1,229 tons of sulfur dioxide.

These are signs of a looming eruption:

The fact that we have volcanic tremors and prolonged background tremor recorded, higher than normal sulfur dioxide emission rate of 923 tons per day, slow but steady inflation of the volcano still indicates magmatic activity at shallow depth beneath the volcano.

The volcano is under Alert Level 2. Meanwhile, Phivolcs also said civil aviation authorities must advise pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano as airborne ash and ballistic fragments from sudden explosions and wind-remobilized ash may pose hazards to aircraft.

Beginning of 2020, the Taal volcano erupted violently covering everything with ash:

Taal Volcano in the Philippines Erupts for First Time in 40 Years in Stunning Electric Display

That amazing eruption dried up rivers in the area of the volcano:

Earth Cracks Apart And River Dries Up As Swarm Of Earthquakes Rocks Taal Volcano

Even 3 months later, people were searching for survivors under meters of deadly ash:

Searching For Loved Ones Under Tons of Ash After Taal Eruption in the Philippines

The next Taal volcanic eruption is closing up. Hopefully, that explosion will not be as bad as that in 2020…

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