Violent hailstorm buries deserts of Saudi Arabia’s Hail under piles of ice (videos and pictures)

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Hailstorm covers desert of Hail, Saudi Arabia in white. Picture via TWitter

The region of Hail in Saudi Arabia was buried in several inches of ice on Saturday after severe thunderstorms battered the area.

Videos circulating on social media showed thick dark clouds enveloping the sky and blocks of hail on the ground.

Omar Dajani, meteorologist at Jordan-based ArabiaWeather network, said that the hailstorm hit southwestern Hail in Saudi Arabia in the afternoon.

This is hail, not snow, and the temperature was high, around 28 degrees Celsius, when the storm hit,” he added.

Photographer Abdullah al-Suleimi said shared pictures of the desert covered in a thick layer of hail in Al-Uthmour Bahrah Bani Rashid region in Hail.

Drone footage of the flooding that followed the hailstorm surfaced on social media platforms.

Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defense called on everyone “to be vigilant” amid the continued possibilities for spring thunderstorms in some regions of the Kingdom.

The Saudi desert turned white with hailstones. And that’s another sign of the Endtimes…

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