Graphic! Mountain lion warning for Arizona

montain lion, montain lion warning video, montain lion attack warning video
montain lion attack warning video. Picture via Vimeo video

Why Arizona Game and Fish Department Tucson posts mountain lion warning signs where and when needed, and cite for feeding illegally, is apparent from this trail cam video shot Thursday morning in the Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona.

The speed and power of the mountain lion is evident as it takes the javelina, pulling it down with its front paws and biting it at the throat.

The strength of the mountain lion is also apparent from the heavy striations in its thigh and shoulder muscles as it wrestles the adult javelina, weighing 35 to 60 pounds.

The lion’s method of killing is why AZGFD advises that if attacked by a mountain lion, you should fight back and try to stay on your feet.

Despite the violence seen here, a mountain lion attack can be survived.

Javelina are the species most commonly fed illegally, which can attract mountain lions that prey on them. Mountain lions also prey on deer, which are also often fed illegally.

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  1. We have them here. They are supposed to taste good. I knew a lady that had a pet mountain lion. 180 lb male. Just play wrestling with it is no joke. Tons of fast twitch muscle fibers. If you got attacked from behind, you’d be dead—no contest. The incisors are about 3-4 inches. They smell musky too.

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