Mysterious magma-like material erupts from the base of an electric pole in India (video)


An unusual “volcanic eruption” occurred in a small village of Himachal Pradesh, India, although the region has no history of volcanic activity…

mysterious lava eruption india
Mysterious lava eruption baffles parts of India. Picture via Youtube video

The video below shows a group of officials inspecting a road covered by snow and by grayish magma-like material that was ejected from the base of an electric pole in Lafali village, Kullu district.

The magma-like grey substance melted the snow and burned the grass before solidifying up to five meters away from the base of a metallic pole supporting power cables.

The strange phenomenon also burnt and bent the electrical pole at the top and bottom.

An eyewitness said the weird event started around 8am and some others reported hearing a loud explosion coming from the site.

Further mineralogical investigations at the Geological Survey of India (GSI) identified the nature of the solidified material as fulgurites – vitrified, fused rock and sand masses formed due to rapid melting of silicate rich sand, soil and other sediments following a sudden discharge of lightning or current.

The cause of the uncommon lava-like substance is the result of sudden electrification of soil sediments by discharge of current possible due to lightning or leakage in high tension electric wires.

Himachal Pradesh is seismically vulnerable and prone to high seismic activity but it does not have a history of volcanic activity. [Tribune India]

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