The Bermuda Triangle: What’s Science’s Take On That Mysterious Oceanic Region

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An oceanic region at the southeast coast of the United States has been notoriously reputed for many years. With incidents like the disappearance of ships and flights where even radars couldn’t come to any aid, many stories of supranational happenings began to envelop that region.

While stories of alien kidnappers were quite popular among many, others put their beliefs on the place’s hauntedness. Even in this era of technology and science, Bermuda Triangle is encompassing many unexplainable incidents.

These stories of the naval and aviation disappearance from the Bermuda Triangle are indeed highly mysterious. However, the probability of those happenings being out of our physical reality is highly doubtful.

Over the years, some people have also explained mysterious disappearances from the Bermuda triangle on scientific grounds. One shouldn’t overlook the fact that the ocean is always a dangerous place, and even in modern days, it wouldn’t be that surprising if things go out of hand. And, safety would never be under the item of guarantee when it comes to North Atlantic’s storm- jolted waters.

Explanations from a Scientific Point of View

1. The Theory of Heavy Traffic

One possible cause behind this mystery can be the cause that the region of the Bermuda Triangle gets heavy traffic. Accidents are pretty common in the part of the region through which plenty of ships cross every day.

This fact also gets coupled up with the occurrence of frequent hurricanes in that place. Hence, a sinking ship wouldn’t be that much of a shock.

2. Theory of Agonic Line

Magnetism is another popular explanation that circulates among the people keen for justifying the incidents with science. Indeed, the geographic North Pole doesn’t match the magnetic North Pole of the earth. That’s the reason; no compass can accurately point the north. This second theory circulates the agonic line stretched through the Gulf of Mexico, running from Lake Superior. It’s close to the Bermuda Triangle.

According to this theory, when close to the agonic line, ships’ compasses got discrepant, which led the ships off track.

There are more other theories around those unexplained disappearances. The unknown factor made the world more curious, making many renowned filmmakers and game developers adopt this as the theme. The online gambling industry couldn’t avoid the beckoning of the Bermuda Triangle as well. Plenty of iGaming developers have already developed slot machines under this theme.

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3. Theory of Magnetic Anomaly

The third one says that the Bermuda Triangle’s oceanic region might be encompassing magnetic anomaly on a massive scale. It’s a place where twisted and warped magnetic field lines are positioned. It can also cause malfunctions in ships and flight navigation systems.

However, this particular theory can’t find firm grounds since there’s no evidence of the place for having abnormal magnetic instabilities. This fact has been made quite clear when experts were scrutinizing that region’s magnetic map.

4. Theory of Gigantic Bubbles

In recent times, many scientists proclaimed that the incidents of disappearances throughout these many years happened due to massive bubbles caused by under ocean methane deposits.

The seabed of that area is famous for having big gas pockets that can come to the surface unprecedentedly. I is something capable of turning the water level into foamy broth gobbling up floating vehicles.

The real secret behind those naval and aviation disappearances is still unknown. But regardless of the reason behind it, people love to consider those occurrences with a sense of supernatural. Why shouldn’t they, as it’s nurturing to their inner childhood. Many people still listen to stories of ships that disappeared without leaving any trace, instead of a vessel sank due to hurricanes.

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  1. All the special tv shows, qne movies about the BT in the 70’s, when Yuri was bending spoons with his telekinetic powers. Hehehe, stories and theories. Fun for the kids to speculate about back then.

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