Keep your eyes on the Three Gorges Dam! China braces for summer floods as 71 rivers exceed warning levels


China is bracing for a heavy flood season with 71 rivers already exceeding warning levels.

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Major 2021 floods in China…

Rain in some parts of central and southern China has hit record highs in recent weeks even though overall precipitation is about 10% lower this year compared with last year.

Water levels on the Yangtze and its tributaries were expected to rise further over the next week, and it warned of major floods throughout the country from June to August.

Some monitoring stations are issuing alerts, with the Wuhan city section of the Yangtze river in central China more than two meters higher than the normal at this time of the year as a result of heavy rain upstream.

Last summer, rainfall reached its second highest level since 1961, triggering flood alerts on major rivers and lakes and bringing water levels at the giant Three Gorges Dam close to their maximum.

For the whole of last year, nationwide precipitation levels stood at nearly 700 millimetres, 10.3% higher than average and up 7.6% from a year earlier, with rainfall doubling in some parts of central and northeast China. [WTVBam]

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  1. Translates to 2.3 FEET. We get this in a week here in NE Georgia, America’s Rain Forrest !!!

    Don’t build in FLOOD ZONES !!!! THAT’S the moral to the story !!!

  2. StrangeSounds can you post something about the upcoming pole shift need to wake people up to the matter

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